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Super Bowl Prop Bets 2021: Scoring and More

There are Super Bowl bets. For many bettors, this is what the entire season has led to. You bet on the games and players all season, doing your research, hopefully winning but not every time, all as the season builds to this. You’ve been waiting for this since the first day of minicamp. Then, there are other bettors. They want to have a good time while watching the game with their family and friends, whether over Zoom or something else. For them, there’s nothing like Super Bowl prop bets 2021. We’ve got all of them at BetNow, of course. Many of them focus on scoring, but not entirely. 

Scoring Super Bowl Prop Bets 2021

We all know about prop bets involving the coin toss, that kind of thing. But, many of our prop bets have to do with when one team or another scores. This is a game between two teams (and really, about an NFL) that’s a scoring league. Sure, Tampa has a good defense, but the Kansas City Chiefs‘ offense is genuinely legendary. So, this is probably going to be a high scoring game. To that end, we put plenty of our prop bets centered on scoring. 

For example, you can bet on which team is going to score first. Remember: that’s “score anyway.” Could be a pass from Tom and Pat, or it could be a run, a defensive or special teams touchdown – regardless, you’re betting on which team is going to score first. By that same token, we have so, so much more than that. 

You know that you can always bet the over/under on a game. The over/under for this game, of course, is going to be pretty high. However, since it’s the Super Bowl, we also have an over/under for the different teams individually, too. For example, we’ve got the Chiefs’ over/under at 31. That means you can bet whether they’re going to score more than 31, under 31, or exactly 31. As the line (right now) is KC by 4, the Bucs over/under is 27. So, consequently, you can bet whether the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to score more or less than 27 (or exactly that number). 

Other Prop Bets and Beyond 

That said, we know that “betting on scoring” doesn’t exactly hit what everyone thinks of as a “prop bet.” So, we’ve got plenty of more off the wall ones, too. For example, you can bet on which team is going to commit the first accepted penalty. As of now, the odds are equal on this, as neither team is penalized all that much. 

By that same token, you can also bet on who’s going to make the first coach’s challenge or who’s going to call the first timeout, too. Is it going to be someone saving time while going on a two minute drive at the end of the first half? Or, is it going to be one team sees the play clock counting down and realizes they don’t have the right alignment in? 

Distance is also something you can bet in these games. So, you can bet who’s going to score the longest touchdown as well as who’s going to score the longest field goal. (Of course, if there are just touchdowns in this game and no field goals scored, then you’re not going to win the bet.) 

You can also bet so much about touchdowns, field goals, and more. That said, don’t forget that you can bet on the Super bowl game itself, too. These are just some of the prop bets that we have available right now. There will be more as the week goes on, as the game gets closer, as the tension mounts. There’s only one Super Bowl. Truthfully, it’s amazing that the NFL was able to put this together. That they did is a miracle. This will be a Super Bowl unlike any other. You can make some real money this year. But, when the game’s over, the opportunities don’t stop. We’ll see you all year long at BetNow.