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Super Bowl Bet: First Scoring Play of Game

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Super Bowl Bet

Are you looking for more ways to do Super Bowl bet on the Big Game? Do you want to bet on more than just who wins and by how much? Then we’ve got all the prop bets you could need. We’ve got prop bets for everything from the coin toss to what color of sports drink will be poured on the winning coach. That said, we’ve got some interesting Super Bowl prop bets that many folks may not have considered, and some of them can win you a lot of money. Today, we’re going to cover “First Scoring Play of the Game Will Be.” 

First Scoring Play of the Game Will Be: from the Bengals 

One thing we can guarantee you about the Super Bowl: it will have a winner. It will not end in a tie. Even if it goes to overtime zero to zero (and good luck finding someone to take that action) there will eventually be a winner, as one team will score. So, we have a bet that allows you to bet on not who the player is that scores, but rather, how each team scores. That way, if you’ve got a gut feeling, you can make some real money. 

… or Will it Be from the Rams? 

So, the first of these bets is, you could bet on whether it will be a passing touchdown from the Rams or a passing touchdown by the Cincinnati Bengals. These are the bets with the best odds (still above +300 as of right now). This makes sense: two good offenses, two good quarterbacks, of course they’re going to throw the ball. What’s interesting is that that has better odds than the first score being a field goal from either team. The oddsmakers seem to think, so far, that the teams are going to be throwing more than kicking. 

Super Bowl Bet: Other Kinds of Scores

Now we get into some of the more interesting ones where you can win some real money if this happens. For example, either team could score a rushing touchdown first. Two good backs, Mixon and Akers, certainly makes sense that one of them could find the end zone first. But, to win this bet, it would have to be a pass. 

Then, there’s “Other TD.” Could be an interception return for a touchdown, could be a “scoop and score” from a fumble. A punt or kickoff return for a touchdown – those are both things that could happen, and you could win big bucks for them. The unlikeliest first score, the one with the biggest odds, is a safety from either team. But, before you roll your eyes, it has happened before. 

All the Prop Bets and Info You Need 

This is a fun prop bet that a lot of folks use. It’s something where you can win early in the game and then continue to win as the game goes on with the other prop bets. To see all that we offer, head to our online sports betting site