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Sportsbook Gambling for the Rest of Summer

There’s always good sportsbook gambling opportunities here at BetNow. As of this writing, we’re right in the thick of the NBA Finals, for one. So, with those games on the horizon, we’ve got what you need to bet until someone’s holding that trophy aloft. Speaking of holding trophies aloft, we’re a few months away from the next world champions of baseball doing that. That said, we’ll have every game between now and then so that you can bet on them, too. As ever, there’s never been a better time to bet than right now at the best sports gambling website, BetNow. 

Sportsbook Gambling on the NBA Finals 

The Bucks made it a series. That’s what they did in Game 3. They held serve. They didn’t let the Suns come into their gym and push them around. In doing so, they were able to extend the series. That said, if they don’t win Game 4, then they’re going to be in a world of trouble. In that case, they would be headed back to Phoenix with the Suns having a chance to lift the trophy on their floor. 

That said, if the Bucks are able to win Game 4, then, suddenly, we have a whole new series again.  That would take quite a bit, of course. The Suns have to be raring to get back out there after losing Game 3 convincingly. Giannis seems like he’s everywhere right now, but there’s only so much even one great man can do. How do you see this game going? Do the Bucks tie it up and give us a best of three? Or, do the Suns win, and put the Bucks absolutely up to the wall? 

As of this writing, our handicappers like the Milwaukee Bucks. They like the Bucks to tie the series and send us to that best of three. Our handicappers do see it as a competitive game, however, with the point spread only favoring the Bucks by four points. That isn’t much (particularly for a team that shoots like the Suns do). So, the Suns could take this one. We do see it as a high-scoring affair, with the over/under being 220.5 points.

BetNow Sportsbook Gambling: The Second Half of the Baseball Season 

Soon, the second half of the baseball season will start. That means that the pennant chase really is going to heat up. How do you see all of this going? For example, in the NL, the Mets are in first place, above both the Phils and the Braves, teams that you’d think might have been a bit better than them on paper. That said, the Mets are only 3.5 games ahead of the Phils. Can they stave them off to win the pennant? 

In the Central, the Brew Crew is in first place with the surging Reds just four games back. The Cards and Cubs might end up being sellers at the deadline, essentially making this a two horse race. Can the Reds get back into the playoffs? Or, do the Brewers have enough to make a real run at the title this time. 

In the West, the Giants are one of the real stories of the season. Even with their incredible first half, however, they’re only two games up on the Dodgers (and six up on the Padres). Can the Giants hold on and not fade over the stretch? And who’s going to take the NL Wild Card? Right now, it looks like it would be the Dodgers and the Padres playing (with the Reds five game snack). How do you see this going? 

Of course, that just touches on the National League, and not even into the American League, where the Red Sox, White Sox, and Astros have separated themselves, but, (other than the White Sox) not by all that much. Should be a great pennant chase that comes down to the wire here at the best online betting site, BetNow!