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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
MLB Picks and Parlays

With the Super Bowl behind us, pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training. That means the Grapefruit and Cactus League games are going to start soon. From there, it’s only a brief period of time until the actual baseball season starts. Baseball is one of the best sports betting opportunities there is. After all, there are games basically every single day. Here at our site, you can find the MLB picks and parlays that you’re looking for. 

MLB Picks and Parlays for All of the Games

Baseball’s nature is that players are designed to fail. If someone gets a hit three-tenths of the time, that means that they don’t get a hit seven of the ten times they’re at bat, and they’re probably a star. After all, we’re talking about a 300 hitter here. At our site, however, we’ve designed everything so that there are more opportunities to win. 

It starts with the games, of course. We’ll have lines and more available for every game every day. That means that you can get baseball action at essentially any moment of the day from all around the country. From the early game in Boston to the late game in Anaheim, if there’s baseball action, you’ll be able to find it at BetNow. 

The sheer number of baseball games makes it so that you always have a chance. No matter what’s happening, you’ll always have one more opportunity to win. If you lose one night, there will be another game before you know it. That’s true for the baseball players, and it’s true for our bettors as well. In baseball, you always have one more chance to win as you want. 

In-Game Betting 

Baseball was America’s pastime for so many decades. This is the sport that really was the first major sport America fell in love with. Of course, if you wanted to bet on baseball, it was difficult for a long time. You had to find someone to take your bet, someone you could trust, and so forth. However, making it even more difficult was that you had to get the bet down before the game started. Once the game started, there was no way to bet, so either you did it before the first pitch, or you were out of luck. 

Here at BetNow, we know your schedule doesn’t always lend itself to being there before the game starts. That’s just one of the reasons that we make in-game betting possible at our site. That way, even if you aren’t there right when things begin, you’ll have a chance to bet on the games that you want.

In-game betting rewards the players who really know the games. That’s especially true in baseball, with relief pitchers. If you know that one relief pitcher is particularly strong (or weak) against certain hitters and certain lineups, you deserve to be rewarded for that. With our in-game online betting, you can really take advantage of what you know. 

MLB Picks and Parlays: All Season Long

Now that baseball extends into November typically, it’s one of the longest seasons. From February through November, there’s something “baseball” to look at. Of course, the games don’t really start till April/late March, but when they do, we’ll be there. We make sure to update our lines and more as quickly as possible. Baseball can be a slower game sometimes when compared to the others, but information can still change things quickly. 

If a pitcher gets hurt, or a player is held out by their manager, we make sure to change the lines if we believe that would have a great effect. When you bet on these games, you deserve to have the best, most accurate line possible. Baseball can change from moment to moment, so we make sure that our players have the most up to date information. 

We offer these games from Opening Day through the end of the World Series. If there’s MLB baseball being played, we allow you to bet on it. This can be a great boon whether you’re a fan of one particular team or just someone who really loves baseball. 

One thing that can happen in baseball is that some teams can fall hopelessly out of the playoff race and be unable to catch on from an early point in the season. If you’re a fan of such a team, it can feel like the baseball season is over. Here at BetNow, however, we can give you the baseball season back. You can still bet on your team to win the day in and day out, even if they’re out of the playoff hunt. So, you can still live or die with them, and enjoy your team in your way. After all, it’s hard to feel like it was a “lost season” if your team makes you a lot of money!