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Sports Gambling on the Playoffs, NBA & NHL

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Gambling on the Playoffs

Sports Gambling on the Playoffs: Over the last year or so, we’ve been treated to some very unique sports moments. The Bubble. NFL games without fans. A shortened NHL and NBA season. So many others. Many of these changes haven’t been great, but they have been necessary. One that’s absolutely worked out very well: the NBA and NHL playoffs. Right now, something is happening that doesn’t always happen: the two leagues have their conference finals at the exact same time. This is a rare opportunity to watch some truly great games while taking advantage of tremendous sports gambling at BetNow.

Sports Gambling on the Playoffs: Sports Gambling on the Upcoming NBA Playoff Games 

What is there left to say about Trae Young? The man scored 48 points in Game 1 on the road against the Bucks. That’s not what our handicappers thought would happen before the game, no sir. We did not have the Bucks losing at home in Game 1. Atlanta has shown that they are not afraid of anyone, and then go out and prove it, night after night.

Young’s game was impressive to say the very least. Any achievement that includes “tied Lebron and Dirk for 4th most points in a Conference Finals game” is just unbelievable. It’s not that the Bucks played a bad game. It’s just that the Hawks were able to pull this one out. Now, the Bucks have to win game 2. Sure, the Clippers have shown us that you can go down two games to none and win. However, you really, really don’t want to do it at home. 

Do the math: if you go down two games to none in your stadium, then you have to win four of the next five, with three of them played outside of your court. No one likes those odds. That said, the Clippers have a real chance to turn their series around since the action moves back to LA. That said, as of this writing, there, we have the Clippers as underdogs. Slight underdogs (by just a point) but underdogs nonetheless. How do you see it going? Do the LA Clippers turn it around? Or do the Suns take an important step forward towards the Finals? 

One Game 7 on the Horizon in the NHL… Will We Have Two? 

With the Isles overtime win in Game 6, there will be a Game 7 in Tampa. After winning Game 5 8-0, it seemed like Tampa was going to cruise into being the first team to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions since the Pittsburgh Penguins. However, the Isles put a stop to that, roaring back from down two goals to win at home and save their season. Tampa is still a favorite, as our 1.5 goal odds demonstrate. How do you see this one? Is Tampa’s coronation one step closer? Or, do the Isles go back to the Finals for the first time since their incredible 80s teams? 

Speaking of “teams that were incredible in the 80s” (as well as other decades) the Canadiens have a chance to clinch a trip back to the Final. They host the Golden Knights (a team that would have seemed like an impossibility in the 80s). Do we know who’s in goal for the Knights? Moreover, with the Habs playing like this (particularly their own goalie, Carey Price) does it matter? Do you see the Knights forcing a Game 7 in Sin City? Or, do the Canadiens’ dream spring and summer continue as they roll into (yet another) Stanley Cup Final? 

It’s important to note that, while we’ve mentioned basketball and hockey recently, these are far from all that you can bet on here. For example, we’ve got baseball every day as well as contact sports, soccer, and more. You can always bet on sports online now at BetNow!