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Sports Gambling on the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final

Sports Gambling on the NBA Final: The NBA conference finals are heating up and the Stanley Cup Final is about to start. This is it. Quite literally. Who do you got? All season(s) long have been building up to this. If you’ve been sports betting with us the whole way, you’re here now for the end. That said, there’s never been a better time to get started sports gambling with us than right now. This is the time when the most eyes will be on the games, so it will be more fun than ever. Who do you have in the Stanley Cup Final and who do you have going to the NBA Finals? 

Sports Gambling on the NBA Finals

The Clippers have been a great story. This blog is written a few hours before Game 5 starts in Phoenix. Maybe, by the time you read this, that story continues. Perhaps it goes back to Game 6 in Los Angeles for another chance to take down the Suns. But, it’s entirely possible that the story ends here. Instead, another great story will continue on – the Phoenix Suns. As of this writing, they have a three games to none lead. 

Tonight, we have the Suns as a six point favorite. Unless something dramatic were to happen, even if the Suns do lose this game and do have to go back on the road to LA for Game 6, we would probably have them as a favorite there as well. The injuries for LAC might have finally been too much. Besides, all of this misses another important fact: the Suns are good. Should they move on and win, they would absolutely be worthy champions. 

Of course, all of this could be moot! By the time you read this, the Clippers could have regained all of the momentum, stormed back, and be in control for Game 6. How do you see this shaping up? 

Eastern Conference Finals 

The Eastern Conference Finals, due to scheduling, are a bit behind in terms of the calendar. They are not, of course, behind in terms of talent. The Bucks and the Hawks are two very good teams. As of this writing, The Bucks are ahead two games to none and the series is in Atlanta for Game 4 on Tuesday night. How do you see that one going? Do the Hawks win at home and thus make it an all new, three game series for Game 5 in Milwaukee? Or, will the Bucks really take control with a chance to go back to the Finals? 

Our handicappers have the latter. We like the Bucks on the road, having them as a seven point favorite. It isn’t that the Hawks are anything less than a very good team, it’s just that the Bucks are very, very good. That said, anything can happen. Our handicappers have certainly been wrong before. How do you see this series playing out? Will the Bucks really take a big lead, or will Atlanta bring us back to where we started in the Eastern Conference Finals? 

Le Finale 

That’s what they’re calling it in the French-speaking parts of Canada: “Le Finale.” That’s the Stanley Cup Final, as the winningest team in NHL history, the Canadiens, return to the Final to take on the returning champions, the Tampa Bay Lighting. Tampa is looking to become the first back to back champion since Pittsburgh. Montreal is looking to win for the first time since the great Patrick Roy led them in 1993. Who do you got? 

The Lightning are heavy favorites. If you’ve never seen a hockey line before, our handicappers have the Lightning as a 1.5 goal favorite. That’s a big line for hockey. The Canadiens are a lot of grit, a lot of passion, and maybe the best athlete in any sport right now who hasn’t won a championship yet – Carey Price. That said, the Bolts are loaded. They are a great team. 

But, the Habs have been underdogs in each of their series. No one thought they’d get past Toronto, much less the Leafs, the Jets, and the Golden Knights. They very well could beat the Bolts. How do you see it going? You can always bet on sports online at BetNow.