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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Gambling on Basketball

Sports Gambling on Basketball: Summer is truly here. Sure, we might be a few days off from it or whatever, but this is truly the time when summer is absolutely with us. The weather is great, the breeze is cool and the water is warm. That means a lot of things, not the least of which is: playoffs. The playoffs are here. You’ll find the playoffs in both basketball and hockey right now. Unfortunately, there have been some injuries in basketball but the games are still going hard all of the same. As ever, you’ll find the best sports gambling action in all sports here at the best 2021 sports betting website BetNow. 

Sports Gambling on Basketball: Sports Gambling Playoffs in Basketball on Thursday 

Wow. What a performance. There are great performances in sport, and then there’s Kevin Durant in Game 5. If you thought “this is one of the best playoff performances I’ve ever seen,” well, you’re right. He was the first player ever to score a 45 15 10 in a NBA playoff game. He did that by shooting, literally, 70 percent from the floor while playing the entire game. To say it was a great performance is an incredible understatement. 

So… is this it for the Bucks? It’s not good to face elimination coming off of one of the greatest performances by an opponent ever. It’s not like the Bucks were never in this game, either. Indeed, they lead by as many as 17 points. The series is going home to their arena, too. Can the Bucks force a game 7? Or, is this it for the Bucks as Brooklyn continues what looks like a real march to the next round? 

At BetNow, we tend to like the Bucks at home. They’re a very good team. Sure, they ran into an absolute buzzsaw in Game 5, but they did so in Brooklyn – not Milwaukee. As of this writing, we’ve got the Bucks as a 5.5 point favorite in their building. We do expect them to take the train back to Brooklyn for a decisive Game 7. We also have the over/under as 220 points, so we expect some scoring, too. How do you see it? 

Betting the NHL Playoffs 

In the semifinal round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we’ve got two real favorites. Most folks expect a Vegas/Tampa Bay final. That’s something that a lot of folks have had their eye on since the first round (if not a bit longer). However, the New York Islanders aren’t terribly fond of that narrative. Indeed, they went and won in Tampa Bay in Game 1. The classy Lightning however came back and won Game 2, with their typical mix of grit, skill, and speed. 

Now, the action goes to Long Island for Game 3. Here, the Islanders have played very well throughout the playoffs. How do you see this going? Have the Lightning figured out exactly what they need to do, and all they need then is to apply it to the Islanders over and over? Or, do the Islanders have what it takes in their incredible defense to push back, to keep hitting, and to use their physicality to force Tampa to go where they don’t want to go? 

Speaking of physicality, the Habs and the Golden Knights are playing in the other semifinal. Again, the Knights are a heavy favorite here. For the most part, folks see them as superior at just about every position. However, that’s how folks saw the Habs in their other two series, too (especially in that first one against Toronto). So, what do you think happens here? Can the Habs finally solve Fleury in front of their home fans? Or, does Vegas size, skill, and speed finally overwhelm what has been a great story in Montreal? No matter what happens in any sport, you’ll be able to bet on hockey and basketball at BetNow.