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Sports Betting on the NBA Playoffs

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Betting on the NBA Playoffs

Sports Betting on the NBA Playoffs: The Conference Finals are almost here. They’ll be here sooner than you might think. But, they might not be here for sometime. Indeed, many of these series look like they might go the distance. We’ve really had some great basketball in the last few weeks here in the NBA playoffs. Some surprises, too many injuries, but a lot of great games overall. That’s going to continue, too. As ever, BetNow is the place to go for sports betting, whether it’s on the NBA playoffs or anything else. We’ve got a great slate of games in the days to come. 

Sports Betting Wednesday: Hawks at Sixers 

The Hawks never go away. They might go down, but they don’t go away. It sure seemed like, after Game 3, they might indeed go away. After all, the Sixers had won two games in a row in a manner that didn’t feel all that close. The same thing sure looked like it was going to happen in Game 4, too. But, then it didn’t. Trae Young and company took over, coming back from down 18 points to tie the series as it returns to Philadelphia. 

In many ways, it feels like we’re back where we were after Game 1: the Hawks winning when it didn’t look like they were going to. Certainly, the Sixers responded well to that in games 2 and 3. However, this is now later in the series. Have the Hawks figured something out? Or, was this just the Sixers taking their foot off the gas a little too much and now the Hawks are in control for good? 

As far as our handicappers go, we like the Sixers to hold serve and put the Hawks on the brink of elimination. We’ve got Philadelphia as a six point favorite at home. That’s one of our bigger lines of this series. Moreover, we’ve got the over/under as 223.5, too. So, we expect a high scoring game that, eventually, and perhaps after great drama, the Sixers will win. How do you see it? 

Sports Betting on the NBA Playoffs: Clippers vs. Jazz 

When it comes to “strategies for success in the 2021 NBA playoffs,” a key one is usually: “don’t go down two games to none in a series.” However, the Clippers are making it work for them. The Clippers beat the Jazz by fourteen in their last game, to tie the series as it heads back to Utah. If that sounds familiar, it is: it’s exactly what happened when the Clippers took on the Mavs earlier in the playoffs. Can they do the same to the Jazz? 

When it comes to “how it happened,” there’s an easy way to explain it: Kawhi and Paul George. 

Sure, the other Clippers played well, too. But, those are superstars that proved why they are superstars. There are plenty of great players on the Jazz, too. But, will it be enough to outshine the star power in LA? 

Yes, earlier in this section, we did mention how the Clippers were able to come back against the Mavericks and win that series. However, and this is important to keep in mind: the Jazz are not the Mavericks. The Mavericks were a good team that had a very good season – the Jazz have played like the best team in the league more or less throughout the regular season. 

The Clippers are good, perhaps good enough to win a championship. But, if they do manage to beat the Jazz two times out of the next three games, it would very much be an upset. We’ve got the Jazz as a two and a half point favorite back in Utah. We also see a high scoring game here as well, with an over/under of 222 points. How do you see this going? Do you see the Jazz holding serve and winning in their arena, thus sending it back to a potentially decisive game 6 in LA? Or, do you see the Clippers continuing to roll, with a chance to close it out at Staples? No matter what happens, you’ll find it all here at the best online sports betting website, BetNow!