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Sports Betting on the NBA Conference Finals

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Betting on NBA Finals

Sports Betting on NBA Finals: What a second round that was. It was even better than the first round. That didn’t seem all that likely at the beginning. However, it became something incredible. Yes, there were too many injuries. Yes, that took a lot out of the games. But, all that being said, it’s incredible that these teams put on quite a show. Now… There’s four left. Going by the sports betting at our site, this may not have been the final four that everyone anticipated. However, the very best games may be soon to come, with the Clippers playing the Suns and the Hawks playing the Bucks. 

Sports Betting on Clippers vs. Suns 

It was easy to think: “oh, well Game 1 isn’t going to be all that great.” After all, Kawhi and Chris Paul weren’t going to play. But, that didn’t keep it from being an absolute fireworks show. Indeed, with Devin Booker and Paul George going head to head, it became a truly great game. So much so, in fact, that Devin Booker had the Suns very first triple-double in the playoffs since… (as you probably knew)… Steve Nash. The Suns held court and won game 1. 

So, what does that mean for Game 2? Well, it’s hard to win a series when you go down two games to none. But, there’s also a very old sports reasoning (which goes across all sports), namely saying that: “it’s not a series until the home team loses a game.” If the home team keeps winning, it’s going to go to Game 7 anyway. This is all something to keep in mind when the Suns host the Clippers tomorrow night in Phoenix. 

How do you see the game going? Here at BetNow, we believe that the Suns are going to hold serve and win this game. We have them, in fact, as a six point favorite at home. So, we believe they’re going to win by a very sizable margin (at least, a fairly sizable margin for a conference final in the NBA). Do you agree? Do you think the Suns are going to win both at home? Or, do you see the Clippers roaring back and tying the series as it goes back to Los Angeles? 

Sports Betting on NBA Finals: Hawks vs. Bucks 

For a long time, we thought: “Is this the Bucks’ year?” Then, recently, we may have thought: “well, it looks like the Bucks’ year may have passed.” Recently, in a brief period of time, the Bucks have come roaring back to the forefront. They have as good a chance as anyone (perhaps the best chance of anyone) to be NBA champions. But, before Giannis takes his place among the champions, they have to be the upstart Hawks team. 

Going into the NBA playoffs, we knew the Hawks were good. That said, they were underdogs in the playoffs. Beating Philadelphia in seven games has made one of the “Teams of the Future” on the cusp of going to the Finals. That’s happening again in this round. Many folks have the Bucks as favorites, in some cases, as heavy favorites. How do you see the series going? Is this the year for the Bucks’ ascension? Or, does Atlanta play the underdog who wins one more time? 

Here at BetNow, we see the Bucks winning game 1. In fact, we like them to do it by a sizable number, too: seven points. The Hawks are a very good team, they’re very capable of winning. Yet, our handicappers see the Bucks as a better team that has a real chance to win it all. For example, if you look at our “Playoff Series Price” odds, we’ve got the Bucks at -460 and the Hawks at +365. You’ll always find the online betting you want here at BetNow!