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Sports Betting Now on the Super Bowl

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Betting Now

You don’t have to wait to bet on the Super Bowl. Let us say that again, because there are many of you that may not believe it. You don’t have to wait to bet on the Super Bowl. You don’t have to wait until one team wins the AFC and another team wins the NFC, You can do it right now. Sure, we don’t know exactly which two teams are going to be in the game (this is a sports betting site, not a time machine) but you can get a bet down now about who’s going to be in the big game as well as who’s going to win it. Sports betting now often beats sports betting later. 

NFL Futures: The Future to Come

At our site, if you click on “sportsbook,” followed by “football” and then “NFL Futures,” you’ll come to the place where you can bet on the Super Bowl that will (sooner than you think) be upon us. Once you click on that, you’ll see “Odds to Win Super Bowl LIV.”

If you do decide to take a flyer, and bet on a team that’s an extreme underdog to win the Super Bowl, you can win a lot of money. Not only would you make out like a (quite literal) bandit, but you would also have bragging rights for the rest of your life. Depending on how the upset worked, your children and your children’s children could have bragging rights extending on into infinity. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that this is also the time of year when some teams have already been eliminated from the playoffs. 

It’s easy to be seduced by those odds that say “+65000.” It can seem like you’re about to buy into a lottery ticket. That said, you want to be careful that these teams haven’t already been taken out of the playoff hunt. There are teams that are unable to qualify for postseason play at this point, so while our site may say “+65000” it might as well say “+” and then have a sideways eight for the infinity sign. There’s nothing wrong with betting on an underdog, and there are teams that go on incredible runs in the playoffs (the Steelers and Giants of years past come to mind) but you want to make a bet that can still come true, even in a fairy tale. It’s the difference between buying a lottery ticket, and buying a lottery ticket for the drawing that took place yesterday. 

Sports Betting Now: Home/Road Splits

In the not-terribly recent past, road teams barely won NFL playoff games. Sure, it happened, but it happened way less, and with way less frequency than it happens now. So, you want to be careful to make sure that the teams that are playing at home have a good record playing at home. Yes, anything can happen, and the NFL playoffs can be truly, genuinely unpredictable, but it’s good to keep in mind who’s played well on the road and who plays well as home when making your bets. 

It’s also might be a good idea to keep in mind what “travels.” There are teams that, while they might not seem dominant or even good on paper, might be hot teams in the playoffs because what they do travels well. That means they could be on the road, they could be facing a hostile environment, and yet still have a chance to cover if not win the game.

Typically, this has meant teams that run the ball effectively and play good defense. Those are the kinds of things that really any kind of weather condition or hostile environment typically can’t derail. A team that runs well probably has a good offensive line. So, that means that even on a wintry, blustery day, when throwing the ball a lot would seem a poor idea, they could still grind out enough offensive to let their defense take advantage. 

Bet the Playoffs Now, Too

Of course, the Super Bowl is the end of the playoffs. There’s plenty of playoff games (and others) before that game occurs. This means that you can bet on who’s going to win what division on their way to the playoffs, too. AS of this writing, the Baltimore Ravens have clinched the regular season AFC North championship. That means that one of those is off of the clock. If you bet on the Ravens before the season, you might have made quite a bit of money. You can make a winning bet today at BetNow.