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Sport Wagering Never Takes a Play Off at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sport wagering

In the annals of “things you can’t do in sports,” few are looked down upon as much as “taking a play off.” Yes, there are players who do it. Absolutely, in major sports (pro or college) there are going to be players that don’t give maximum effort on every play, that’s simply human nature. However, someone who develops a reputation as someone who “takes a few plays off” will find that follows them throughout their career (no matter how great they become). This exact expression comes from football but really it applies to all sports. Here at BetNow, we never take a play (or a sport) off, as we offer sport wagering at all times. 

Sport Wagering Today, Tomorrow, and Forever 

We just had a recent example of some sports gambling sites “taking a few plays off” – the pandemic. On some level, this was understandable. A once in several lifetimes event which caused chaos all over the globe is the kind of thing that, yes, could conceivably slow down sports gambling. That’s why at BetNow, we did everything in our power to make sure that our players had something to bet on. 

When you came to our site, you found all kinds of simulated sports to bet on. When sports occurred in other countries, or during celebrity events or something, we gave you what you needed to bet on them. Then, as sports began to come back, we made sure to incorporate them in our betting, too. 

So, at BetNow, we never “took a play off.” From the moment the pandemic hit through today, we’ve always been there for our bettors, giving them as many options as ever. That said, it’s not like we’re resting on our laurel (as that too would be an example of “taking a play off”) so, we’re offering more and more sports as the world (hopefully) returns a bit more to normal. Should something bad happen again, you’ll still find all the sports that are going on at BetNow, in a way you can bet on them easily. 

Sports Gambling for Sports Gamblers 

One thing we take pride in at BetNow is understanding how this should be fun for gamblers. Betting on sports shouldn’t feel like a job, something that someone clocks into and out of. We know that what initially drew each of our gamblers to betting and sports in general was love, how much they loved sports and everything around it. We also understand that the thing that makes sport wagering the most fun is, well, winning. 

That’s why we offer as many opportunities to win as possible. At our site, you can find everything you need to bet and win in multiple ways. For example, if you were to bet elsewhere, you could just bet on the outcome of the game. Sure, there might be some prop or futures bets, but for the most part, what you see is what you get. We don’t believe that’s how it should work. 

So, at BetNow, you can bet all throughout the game. If you look at our baseball betting, you can bet on what’s going on at the end of five innings. In hockey, you can bet on what the score is at the end of the first and second periods. In football and basketball, you can go by quarters. So, you could win at the end of the first quarter, first half, and third quarter. Instead of those just being one more part of the game, they’re another opportunity to win. 

Really, that’s what BetNow is about: giving our players more opportunities to win. That’s why we have so many bettors who have been coming here year after year. We make a relationship with our bettors that sticks. When you’re ready to see all that betting has to offer, you can BetNow right here.