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So Much More than Betting on Sports at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Sports Betting

When you first click on our site, you’ll get one image or another of sports. That’s to be expected. After all, most people know our site as one for betting on sports. Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and so many other sports: we make it possible to bet on the games that you want when you want. On top of that, you can bet throughout the games, too. But, we have more to offer than just sports. When you come to our site, you can bet on horse racing as well as our casino games. 

Horse Racing = Betting on Sports

Horse racing is a sport. It’s one of the most exciting sports there is. Essentially since the beginning, this sport has been associated with online betting. Unlike so many other sports, where it only became legal recently to bet, horse racing has involved betting since practically the very beginning. At our site, you can bet on the horse races that you want when you want. 

For many of us, horse racing is the kind of thing that you want to see live. After all, sure there are horse races on TV, but they aren’t on all that often. The Triple Crown events might be, but usually horse racing doesn’t make the prime time networks. However, plenty of horse racing enthusiasts aren’t able to get out to a racetrack. Maybe they don’t have the time, or perhaps there isn’t one in their area. That’s where BetNow can come in. 

At our site, you can bet on the races you want from the safety and comfort of your own home. Even if there is a place in your area for horse racing and betting, if you want to go there, you have to get dressed, get up, drive out there, and so forth. With our site, you can bet on the horses without leaving the couch. You could be at some other event and still bet on horse racing. We want to put all of the excitement of going to the track and rooting on a winner in the palm of your hand. That’s what BetNow is all about. 

Online Casino 

Casinos are more common than ever. Years ago, the only casinos were in Vegas, Atlantic City, and scattered across other locations. That’s all done now. There are casinos all over America. But, just as with the horse racing track in the prior paragraph, if you want to go to the casino, you have to, well, go to the casino. After getting dressed, driving, parking, playing your games, then eating or anything else that might happen at the casino, you might wish you had just stayed home. We’ve made it so that you can stay home while enjoying all of the action the casino has to offer. 

When you come to BetNow, you can play all of the table games. You can play video poker. You can play the slots, keno, and so many other games. Just about all of the games that you might play at the casino you can play on your phone, computer, or other device. You get the casino experience without having to deal with all of the downsides to the casino experience. 

In addition to those games, we have the “Live Dealer Casino” option as well. That’s exactly what it sounds like: you’ll be playing the games that you want with a real, live dealer. You can play blackjack (Vegas style), baccarat, roulette, and others. To be clear, you’ll be able to play this whenever you want. We always have live dealers on call ready to play, 24/7. So, no matter where or when it is, you can play the games you want against a real person. 

Betting for Sports, too 

Of course, just because we offer all of these games, that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped offering betting on sports or something. At our site, you can always bet on the most up to date sporting events. Sports never stop. There’s always some new game to play, something going on, and so forth. At our site, you’ll be able to bet on sports you want whenever you want. As long as the sports are being played, you’ll be able to bet on them. Just, with our online casino, you can break up the action, too. 

We know that many people love casino games but maybe aren’t that into sports, or vice versa. That said, we can’t tell you how many times over the years someone has come to our site for sports or come for the casino, only to fall in love with the other and incorporate it into their gambling. No matter how you want to win, we offer you an option to do so. Good luck to you in all your games!