SEC College Football Betting Preview

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
SEC College Football Betting

There are college football conferences and then there is the SEC. The SEC is almost a league unto itself. For many, the SEC really is college football. That was true even before they poached Texas. The SEC is like no other college football conference in the world because it has so many teams that win so much. Of course, there’s Alabama, but Georgia, Auburn, Florida, and other schools help to make the SEC what it is today. That said, this is another new year and there’s always a chance for something new. You can always engage in the best SEC college football betting online at BetNow! 

SEC West College Football Betting Preview 

Alabama. Alabama. Alabama. There’s only one Alabama. They might just be the national championship favorite every single year that Saban is their coach. This year, of course, it’s all about whether or not their quarterback Bryce Young can be everything that Bryce Young is supposed to be. It’s not like Alabama has trouble replacing all of their players who went on to the NFL. There’s always another five star recruit behind them, ready to go. Alabama should win the West as well as be a player for the national championship as well. 

That said, there are teams that, should they get hot, experience an upset, Bryce isn’t everything that he’s supposed to be, would have a real chance to take the crown from Alabama. Case in point: Texas A & M Aggies and Ole Miss. Either of those teams could very well win this whole thing. Again, just like Alabama, for the Aggies, it’s going to be about if they can get what they need out of their quarterback. Ole Miss has the opposite problem: they know they have a good offense, but the defense is a real question mark. 

SEC East Preview 

The SEC East isn’t the same as the west. Sure, there are plenty of traditional powers. But, there’s only one Alabama. So, we have Florida and Georgia going neck and neck here in the East. In fact, we might give the slight edge to the Bulldogs just because they don’t have to replace their quarterback as well as the best tight end in a generation in Kyle Pitts. That said, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Gators on top in the East yet again. 

After that, there’s a bit of a drop off, but some good teams. Missouri and Kentucky definitely make up the next tier of SEC East teams, but they’re far from pushovers. Both of them have what it takes to get to a big bowl and even score an upset or two. Below them, we have some traditional powers that have fallen on some hard times, in South Carolina and Tennessee. Neither of them are exactly what they were in the not all that recent past, but both could be on the track back to prominence (it’s just unlikely to happen in 2021-2022). 

All the College Football You’ll Need 

If you go by what we’ve said, we’ve got the Crimson Tide playing against Georgia (yet again) in the SEC Championship game. Truthfully, either could win (it’s hard to overstate how good JT Daniels is) but we’d take Alabama in the game, straight up. Of course, while the SEC is maybe the most known college football conference, it’s far from the only one. You can find all of the betting on college games you’ll need right here at BetNow!