San Francisco 49ers 2021 NFL Betting Preview

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
San Francisco 49ers NFL Betting

San Francisco 49ers NFL Betting: There are teams that are hard to figure out in the NFL, and then there are the 49ers. On paper, they’re a contender. Sure, they’re in an absolute nightmare of a division, the NFC West, but they’re a good team. They could go on a run and go back to the heights that there were at not all that long ago (you know, right before the pandemic). That said, they could also have another incredibly difficult season like they did last year. With all of the bad injury luck that the 49ers caught a year ago, you gotta figure they’re looking at some better luck this season. This is our NFL betting preview for the 49ers

San Francisco 49ers NFL Betting: Questions and Answers on the 49ers

Well, the questions with the Niners are at quarterback. Essentially, they don’t have a lot of questions. The offensive line is going to be very good. The defense has the potential to be very good again, too. After all, Nick Bosa is coming back. As good of a pass rusher as there is in this league, he’s one of those rare defensive players who can take over an entire game by himself. It was easy (and painful) to see how much the Niners suffered without him last season. But, now he’s back, and so too should the San Francisco 49ers‘ defense be back, too. 

The quarterback situation though, wow. Jimmy G has the dreaded moniker of “game manager” at this point, as if the guy didn’t go to a Super Bowl again, not all that long ago. Speaking of the word “long,” Niner management is playing the “long game” by drafting maybe the most intriguing NFL prospect of the draft with Trey Lance. He has all of the raw athletic talent in the world, but he also played as much college football as you did last year (probably). So, he’s “raw” in every sense of the world.  The odds of him taking over for Jimmy are low unless disaster strikes. This team, the 2021-2022 Niners is Jimmy’s team, up and down. They should absolutely have a great chance to make the playoffs, and maybe even sneak up on some folks and win that wild division. 

NFL Betting Preview of the 49ers Season 

The NFC West is tough. The rest of the Niners schedule, however, isn’t all that difficult. Sure, that’s not to say that they’re going to win 15 games or something, but they’re going to be favored in a strong majority of the non-NFC West games that they’re in. Moreover, they’re going to be favored in plenty of NFC West games as well. 

The season starts in a favorable way for the Niners, at least as favorable as a season can be that has the first two games on the road. The Niners go to Detroit and then to Philadelphia. Those are two teams that might be a bit better than folks think, but the Niners are absolutely going to be favored in both of them. When they return home, it’s a bit of a wake-up call – they get Rodgers and the Pack followed by arch-nemesis Seattle. 

But, again, they’re probably going to be favored against the Hawks (and very possibly against the Pack as well). After that, they get Phoenix for the first of two times in a month. They play the AFC South this year, and this too breaks their way, as they get the Colts (and that very live defense) in the Bay Area. Realistically, looking at the Niners’ schedule, what games are they going to be dogs for? 

Green Bay at home? Possibly. But, they’re more likely to have that be a “pick-em” or maybe just one point one way or the other. On the road in Seattle, they’ll probably be dogs. In Nashville, possibly. Their season ends rough, playing the Rams in LA. We have the Niners sneaking into the Wild Card, although winning the division is possible. How do you see the Niners this year? As ever, you can bet on sports online at BetNow.