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Prop Bets Super Bowl: Outcome of First Drive

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Prop Bets Super Bowl

Do you want to bet on the Super Bowl? Do you want to know the outcome of your bet before the end of the game? We get that. It’s a long game. There are a lot of commercials. Maybe you’re looking for more opportunities to win throughout the game, to have a chance to win time and time and time again. That’s what makes the Super Bowl perfect: prop bets. With these prop bets, you can bet on all kinds of stuff and win long before anyone raises the Lombardi trophy. To that end, we have several prop bets Super Bowl. Today we’ll look at “outcome of the first drive.” 

Bet the Bengals Outcome of the First Drive

How do you see the first drive going? Remember, you’re not betting on the first drive of the game, exactly, (although it could be the first drive depending on when the Cincinnati Bengals get the ball) but you can bet on what will happen the first time the Bengals get the ball on offense. At our site, you can bet on whether or not they’ll score an offensive touchdown, attempt a field goal, turn the ball over, or punt the ball. 

Prop Bets Super Bowl: Rams Outcome of the First Drive 

You can bet the same for the Rams as well. Again, this isn’t the first drive of the game necessarily (unless the Rams win the coin toss and take the ball or the Bengals do and defer to the second half) but it’s the first time that the Rams have the ball with a chance to score on offense. You can bet on how the drive will end up right here at our site. 

Super Bowl Betting the Outcome of the 1st Drive 

The odds will be different for each team, but they won’t be all that different. The odds are based on what these teams have done in the past, of course, but they’re also based on likelihood just through football. For example, the turnover is almost invariably going to be the one that has the highest odds. After all, starting a game off with a turnover would be wild, would be tough, and would certainly give the other team a chance to really start things off strong for them. 

That said, it’s more likely that they’ll score an offensive touchdown or attempt a field goal. What is interesting, (at least in the early odds that we’ve got now) is that, for both teams, “field goal attempt” is of higher odds than offensive touchdown. Of course, to attempt a field goal, you don’t have to go nearly as far as you do for a touchdown (at least not usually). It’s the first drive of the game, so teams may even be a bit more conservative and cautious than they might be otherwise. 

This is just one of the many great prop bets we have at our site. There are so many others. Enjoy the game and keep on winning!