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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
SuperBowl Betting Games

The SuperBowl will take place very soon, and it’s now the time to begin superbowl betting games. Whether you’re a new or experienced bettor, it’s important to go ahead and begin placing your bets for the Super Bowl. However, you must first build your understanding of all of the vital information leading up to the big game. Fortunately, BetNow makes this possible. We provide all of the insights you need to help you make an intelligent pick. If you want to receive in-depth information about the teams headed to the SuperBowl, then you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading on for more information relating to the upcoming SuperBowl. 

SuperBowl Betting Games With the Kansas City Chiefs

One of the greatest surprises of the regular and postseason has been the Kansas City Chiefs. They have remarkably defied the odds, over and over again. Led by Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have overcome massive point spreads on their way to the SuperBowl 2020. They still face an incredible matchup against the San Francisco 49ers, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Chiefs shouldn’t be counted out yet.

Super Bowl Betting With the San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have handled business throughout the postseason. After beating the Greenbay Packers mercilessly in the previous round, bettors have begun to give the 49ers the top odds to win the SuperBowl. Before the 49ers, the Baltimore Ravens have the best odds to win the SuperBowl, due to their league-best offense and defense. It certainly looks like the 49ers have become a better team recently. If they can keep it up, they’ll easily win the 2020 SuperBowl championship that will add on to their impressive team legacy. 

Why You Should Play Super Bowl Betting Games with the Chiefs

In a one-on-one matchup, the 49ers are the better team on paper. This is why bettors are giving them high odds to win the SuperBowl. However, it’s hard to ignore what the Chiefs have done so far. After falling into a huge deficit against the Houston Texans, the Chiefs played the best football of their season and got the victory. Furthermore, the Chiefs also weren’t favored against the Tennessee Titans and pulled off a stunning victory. This isn’t to say that the Chiefs can pull off another upset, but they are certainly a great underdog pick.

Why You Should Play Super Bowl Betting Games with the 49ers

The Chiefs may be riding the momentum, but the 49ers haven’t skipped a beat all season. This team dominated the entire regular season as one of the best teams in the league. That dominance quickly translated over to the postseason, where they maintained a top-three defense. The 49ers’ offense has also been coming alive recently and was on full display against the Packers. If things go according to plan, the 49ers will become the favorite to win the SuperBowl. This makes them a safe pick for any sports betting fans. 

Likely Winner of the SuperBowl

According to our superbowl betting games, the San Francisco 49ers have the highest odds of winning the SuperBowl. They have just been too dominant over the course of the regular and postseason. Besides, teams like the 49ers traditionally went on to win the SuperBowl. Still, nothing is a guarantee. There have been countless teams in NFL history that dominated their way to the SuperBowl only to crumble through the pressure.