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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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You’ve waited. And waited. And waited. And now, finally, it looks like baseball is soon to be here. If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve seen the exhibition games, played in home stadiums, with piped-in crowd noise. Yes, it has an air of surreality. However, it’s also real baseball. Real, actual baseball, with real, actual baseball players actually playing. It’s coming. MLB betting is just about here. And when it is, you’ll be able to bet on MLB at BetNow alongside so much else.

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This sixty game season is probably going to be more furious than you might think right now. Es, it won’t feel the same as games have in the past. But, this season is going to go so quickly, there’s basically no time for mistakes. Any losing streak can potentially end a season.

That said, a team that many might not think of as very good right now, or as a real contender, has a better chance than ever. After all, all you have to do is get hot. You don’t have to be great for 162 games, you only have to be great for 60. Then, you’ll be in the playoffs, where anything can happen.

Are the favorites the favorites? Yes, of course. They have the best rosters, the best resources, and so much more. But, think of how many times there’s been a player or a team that was really hot before the All Star Break before absolutely falling off. There really isn’t time for that any more. If a team gets hot, they might not fall off. They might just keep going.

“Reversion to the Mean?”

Of all the major sports in North America, baseball might be the one where this happens the most. When a player or team “reverts to the mean” it means that they’ve turned back into the player they were for much of their career.

This is why players that are in a slump are, well, in a “slump” and not “at the end of their career.” For example, a career .330 hitter who’s spent two months hitting .220 is probably going to break out of it soon. That could mean that they’re going to go on some kind of hot streak, where they’re hitting .400 or better for a while, just to get back to that .330. This is a proven thing, something that baseball statistics have shown since time immemorial.

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The other side of this is true as well. If there’s a team, for example, that is expected to be around .500, with an 82-82 record, then if they got hot at the beginning of the year, you would expect them to “revert to the mean.” Any big winning streak or great month of May they have would probably be wiped out and rectified by struggling in August, or going on a series of losing streaks broken up only by sporadic wins.

But, in a world with a 60 game season, that might not necessarily happen. The team that would “cool off” may not have the time to. Consequently, the really good team that gets off to a slow start, that may have had some big injuries early on in the season, may not have time to regroup and catch up.

This shortened pandemic season really is best thought of as a sprint. There’s no time to waste. You want to come out hot or you may not have a chance. Don’t be surprised if there’s some interesting, not really well thought of teams in the MLB playoffs.

Bet on MLB at BetNow

No matter how baseball goes, you’ll be able to bet it at BetNow. Here, you’ll find all of the games all season long. As sports come back, we’ll have them for you at BetNow. That means all of the games, all of the teams, and so much more. From betting on the day to day games, betting on futures, and everything else, it’s all right here. So long as there are sports, there will be sports betting at BetNow. From Opening Day till the last out of the World Series, we’ve got all of the baseball. Play ball.