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Placing Your Super Bowl Bets 2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Super Bowl Bets 2020

One of the most exciting time for year for bettors is the SuperBowl. Two teams battling it out for championship glory is a captivating atmosphere for bettors. In order to make your experience more enjoyable, you’ll need to place the best super bowl bets 2020BetNow is one of the best online betting platforms online. We take pride in hosting thousands of Super Bowl betting games, and we look forward to receiving your bet in a few days. To learn more about how you can place the best online bet, continue reading for more information.

Place Your Super Bowl Bets 2020 for the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have surprised countless bettors for their tough demeanor and win-now attitude. After trailing by as much as 21 points against the Houston Texans, the Kansas City Chiefs rallied to win an impressive victory. Perhaps more impressive than that, the Chiefs defeated the Tennessee Titans in the previous round. The Titans were overwhelming favorites to win the series, but the Chiefs were able to advance. If the Chiefs can continue to ride their momentum, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the SuperBowl.

Place Your SuperBowl Bets 2020 for San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t made a lot of headlines recently. That’s primarily because underdogs usually take the headlines. Case in point – the Chiefs have become the talk of the town because of their recent victories. Nonetheless, the 49ers have been handling their business. They have been one of the best teams in the NFL in the regular season, and that has only translated perfectly to the 49ers. 

The Case for Placing Super Bowl Bets 2020 for the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have been remarkable lately. They are starting to gain traction as a noticeable underdog pick. This isn’t to say that the Chiefs don’t deserve to be a betting favorite. It’s just that they are against the best team that’s been in the postseason. The 49ers are different than the Texans and the Titans. If the Chiefs mess around and fall into a deficit, they may not get out. Also, if the game is close, the 49ers possess the defensive tools to win a decisive victory. 

The Case for Placing Super Bowl Bets 2020 for the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are obvious favorites to win the SuperBowl. This is because they have been the most perfect team in the postseason. Early on, their calling card was their defense.  Now, the 49ers have carved out a great offense that’s been overwhelming their opponents. Take for example the Green Bay Packers. Not only did the 49ers’ defense stifle the Packers, but their offense decimated them.  Who knows if the Chiefs post a threat to the 49ers. Nonetheless, bettors are increasingly counting on the 49ers to get the job done one more time.

Likely SuperBowl Winner of 2020

Bettors are increasingly placing their super bowl bets 2020 on the San Francisco 49ers to win the SuperBowl. While the Chiefs have proved to be a great team, worthy of their SuperBowl berth, the 49ers are just too formidable. Now, nothing is certain. A few weeks ago, the Baltimore Ravens were supposed to be the favorites to win the SuperBowl. After being defeated by the Titans, bettors were shocked and were forced to place their bets on the 49ers. It looks like that’s going to pay off as the 49ers are in great shape to add another championship to their trilling legacy.

The X-Factor of the 2020 SuperBowl

Although the 49ers are poised to win this year’s SuperBowl, Patrick Mahomes is the x-factor according to many super bowl bets 2020. The Chiefs will only go as far as he can take them. Therefore, if Mahomes can elevate his level of play, he can lead the Chiefs past the 49ers to victory. If he plays a mediocre game, the Chiefs are doomed. A lot of pressure is riding on Mahomes. This is the time he can prove himself to be on the same level of other great quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning. 

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