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Place Bet on NFL Games This Sunday

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Place Bet on NFL Games

The NFL playoffs may not start until January. But, for many teams, the playoffs are right now. After all, they aren’t going to make it to the playoffs in January if they don’t win in December. These games are where the good teams separate themselves from the also-rans. Yes, we know that there are some teams that stumble and then do ultimately win the league. But, how many teams can you think of off the top of your head that didn’t do well in December and then ultimately won the Super Bowl? Now, think about all the teams in the last twenty years who got hot in November and December and then ultimately were able to upset other teams on their way to the crown? That’s why December matters. You can place bet on NFL games at BetNow. 

Place Bet on NFL Games that Matter in the NFC 

The Saints and the Packers look like the best teams in the NFC right now, but that’s subject to change at any time. For example, the Packers go on the road to Detroit where they’re favored by just over a touchdown at this point. It’s hard to stop Aaron Rodgers anywhere, but perhaps particularly hard in Detroit, where you can argue that he’s never really been stopped. That said, a touchdown line, while big in any prior year, is not so big during this one. So, the Lions have a shot. They’ve made some changes and are playing loose. What do you think? 

Elsewhere in the NFC, you’ve got teams that don’t have a hall of fame quarterback (yet) who are trying to make a name for themselves. For example, the Cards travel to New York to play the G-men. Kyler Murray is as much fun to watch as you might imagine, but you’re never sure which Cards team is showing up night after night. That said, you have to figure you’re going to get their best playing the Giants. 

The Giants, despite the injury to maybe the game’s best back, have acquitted themselves well. They’re back in the hunt for the NFC East which got more difficult once the Football Team beat Pittsburgh on the road. If they’re going to have any claim to taking over the Football Team, they’re going to have to win this game probably. Who do you got? Which rising team rises to the top? 

AFC Games Galore 

Steelers at Bills looks like one of the bigger regular season non-division games in a while. These are the two teams that may have the best chance to stop the Chiefs in the playoffs. That said, it feels like the teams are headed in different directions. The Steelers have only lost one game all season, with a bunch of injuries, off of a weird week (they played on a Wednesday) by less than a touchdown. But, there’s a feeling that they aren’t all that good. 

The Bills, however, at 8-3, feel like a team on the rise. Josh Allen is coming off of an AFC Offensive Player of the Week award which was absolutely deserved. These are two good teams, both assured of making the NFL playoffs. Yet, there’s still a feeling that we don’t know much about them. As of this writing, the Bills are a two point favorite (down from 2.5 yesterday). Who do you got? 

Speaking of the Chiefs, they have a deceptively difficult game coming up on Sunday, They go on the road to Miami. We aren’t sure who’s going to be at QB for the Fins, but we do know that defense is going to be tough regardless. The Chiefs didn’t look invincible against Denver, but they keep winning. What do you think about this and all of the other games coming up? Visit our website to start betting on sports online.