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Bet NFL Games on Wednesday (Yes, Wednesday)

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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There really is (God willing) going to be an NFL game on Wednesday. No, really. It’s happening. There’s going to be one. It may seem like a surprise, and frankly, it’s still sinking in for us. Moreover, by simply putting it down here online, we feel like we’re tempting fate. By the time you read these, maybe another thirty Baltimore Ravens tested positive for the virus. But, if the creek don’t rise, so to speak, there will be a game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020. As ever, you can place bet on NFL game at BetNow. 

Today in Ravens vs. Steelers 

A ten point underdog. That’s what the Ravens are in this game. Eight months ago, if you were to hear that the Ravens were a ten point underdog on the road in Pittsburgh, you first thought might be: “oh, that means Lamar isn’t going to play.” That’s true. That’s exactly right. He isn’t. He’s on the COVID-19 list and he’s out of this game. (Although, because the Ravens successfully got this game pushed back so far, he will probably be back for next week’s game against Dallas). 

The Ravens are also missing so many players in their defensive line and linebacking core. Judon is out. Calais Campbell is out. Williams isn’t going to play. Not all of these are COVID-19, rather, some are injuries that these players were already battling. The news isn’t much better on offense for the Ravens. They were already down offensive linemen (Ronnie Stanley) and are starting a true rookie at center. 

Of course, the bigger problem is that RGIII is starting, instead of Lamar. Most of us remember RGIII best from those exciting games with the Washington Football Team. However, that was a long time ago. He’s now 30. Good news for the Ravens: again, they managed to drag this out so much, they’re going to get Ingram and Dobbins back. Expect lots of quick passes. Again, all of this we’ve told you adds up to a ten point line. 

Place Bet on NFL Game Throughout the Weekend 

How do you see the game? Do you see the Ravens hanging tough in an always tight divisional game? Or, are their injuries too much, and the Steelers (even without Tuitt and Connor) going to be able to roll them? Alternatively, are you thinking: “this is an NFL game at 3:40 PM Eastern on a Wednesday. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to be able to watch this at all as I am a working adult with a job and responsibilities.” All of these are valid questions. The good news is, as ever, there will be more games this week. 

Perhaps the biggest games of the week (to come) are Browns at Titans and Rams at Cards. The Browns and Titans isn’t an “elimination game,” exactly (as both have the kinds of schedules that more than make it possible for them to lose some games and still be in that top seven or eight teams). But, this is a good measuring stick for both. The Titans rolling in Indy really helped their cause. Meanwhile, Cleveland struggles against teams with winning records. This would show they’re getting it together at the right time. 

As for the Rams and the Cards, the Cards suddenly need a win after some tough games. The Rams could certainly use one too, in hopes of hanging with the Hawks. The NFC West may not be the game’s best division, but it’s probably the one with the toughest collection of four teams. Who do you have in this one? No matter who you’re betting online, you can find it all here at BetNow! What are you waiting for? Visit our sports betting website now and start winning!