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Online College Basketball Betting That Goes Where the Game Is

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online College Basketball Betting

Duke. North Carolina. Virginia. Texas. Villanova. You can probably name some of the biggest college basketball teams off of the top of your head. If you’re reading a blog on an online sportsbook site, then you can probably name quite a few of the top college basketball teams on your head. We have all of those college basketball games, the ones between the biggest teams at BetNow. However, we also have plenty of games with other schools, too. Games that are just as important to the people who are interested in. Online college basketball betting at BetNow truly goes where the game is. 

Online College Basketball Betting with So Many Games

If you’ve gone online to look for somewhere to bet on a college basketball game, then you’ve probably read something about how they have “all of the games.” They might not say that they have “most games” or “more games than someone else,” but rather that they have all of the games. This is the kind of sales speak that drives us nuts: it’s an exaggeration that’s trying to get someone to sign up without having to tell them the truth. 

Here at our site, you can find more games than you probably would elsewhere. Better still, you can bet on them in a variety of ways, too. For example, as of this writing, the next college basketball game that we offer will feature UC Davis vs. the Virginia Military Institute. Now, this game might not be on major TV. It may not get millions of viewers. But, this is game is important to many, many people. On top of that, this game is a great opportunity to make quite a bit of money if you know something about either team. 

With these games, a little bit of research can go a long way. As most people don’t heavily research these games, if you do some research, you could really make a lot of money. A bit of knowledge can be quite handy, as it’ll give you more opportunities to make some cold, hard cash. In fact, if you go through our site, you’ll find all kinds of games like that. Sure, they might not be on ESPN in primetime, but these games are one more way to win on the day. 

College Basketball Betting from Anywhere

Our site is fully mobile betting optimized. That may not sound like a big deal, but it’s part of what separates us from the other sites. It allows you to bet on whatever you want, including college basketball, from essentially anywhere. For all intents and purposes, so long as you have an internet connection, we’ve built our site to be strong and sturdy enough to allow you to bet on college basketball (or any other site) from practically anywhere you are. 

We’ve had folks tell us they were out on boats, high on mountains, on planes, the beach, school, work, and anywhere else. For us, one that particularly jumps out at us is when someone is at the game and bets on the team. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it: you know more about what’s happening in the moment than anyone else. You can have a real feel for how the game is going to go. Maybe you saw the warmups in person, maybe you just feel something in the stadium – whatever the reason, people have won quite a bit of money from betting when they’re inside some of the great college basketball stadiums. 

It’s important to note that our site is responsive. We’ve had people arrive at games having no idea what BetNow is, having never heard about it in their lives, to betting on our site before tip-off (Or after). They might run into someone who’s been betting with us for a long time, or perhaps they were just looking for somewhere they could trust to bet on the game that they were at. We’ve helped so many in so many different ways. 

From Here to March Madness and Beyond

At our site, you can bet on March Madness, sure. However, you can also bet on all of the games before March Madness, too. There are quite a few games between now and March Madness. This is only November. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. You can bet on the games you want on the road to March Madness so that you’ll be totally prepared by the time it comes. Good luck to you and the teams you bet on during the regular season, the conference tournament season and March Madness, too!