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Online Betting on March Madness in the Right Place

March Madness. No, we’re not talking about rushing out of the vaccine. We mean the real, actual March Madness. It’s coming. It’ll be here closer than you think. In fact, Selection Sunday isn’t all that many Sundays away. As of this writing, for example, it’ll be here on March 14th. That’s less than two weeks. So, on that night, we’ll know the brackets, who’s playing where and well, who they’re playing. Then, it will be time to bet it all at BetNow. There’s no better place for online betting on March Madness

Online Betting on March Madness with Your Bracket

Is there any more publicly accepted symbol of gambling than the bracket? It’s a genuine pleasure to fill one in, to see one team advance ahead of the rest on it, etc. At our site, of course, you can find the March Madness bracket. The bracket, of course, is just the beginning. You’ll be able to bet every game, too. The lines, the over-under, the odds, all of it. You’ll be able to bet these games in just about every way there is to bet on games. 

We know that, when it comes to your college basketball bracket, you don’t exactly lack options online. You can find so many different places to put a bracket up. So, we wanted to be able to offer you something extra. That’s why you’ll notice that our prizes are among the biggest you’ll find anywhere. More than that, you’ll be able to bet these brackets in many different ways, too. As many ways as you can bet a bracket, you’ll be able to do it at our sports betting site

Too many sites talk about “bragging rights.” Sure, they’re great if you win. But, if you win, you want to make money. That’s what our site is about. We do a big March Madness every year and there’s plenty of money in it. That’s what you’ll find at our site: so many opportunities to win money. 

Betting Beyond the Bracket 

The best thing about a bracket is that it can give you weeks of enjoyment and excitement, right up to a huge payday. The worst thing about a bracket is that it can basically be done in a day. Like, if you bet on a real “bracket buster” loss, well, you find out why that’s a very accurate name for such a thing. That said, it doesn’t mean that your March Madness has to end. 

Of course, that could have just been a case of one game, one team, etc. You can still bet the rest of the games as you go. If there’s one thing we believe in here at BetNow, it’s opportunity. So, you’ll be able to bet on who’s going to win every game. But, beyond that, you’ll be able to bet half y half, too. Instead of just betting on who’s going to be ahead at the end, you can bet who’s going to be ahead after the first half and such. 

This, in a real way, is the opposite of the bracket. Instead of just having the one big opportunity, you have several. You have several throughout the game. If you know that one team starts strong and the other starts a bit slow, you can use that to make some real money. There’s nothing like betting March Madness. It’s the biggest, best betting tournament there is. (It’s not the Super Bowl in terms of one night, but it’s a great opportunity for everyone). As ever, the best betting for March Madness and beyond can be found right here at BetNow.