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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online Betting for NBA

At BetNow, we’re always glad to be able to show you more ways that you can get into online betting for NBA and other sports. During the pandemic, for example, we’ve been able to show folks how you can bet on online gaming, international sports, simulated games, our online casino, and more. We’re quite proud of the options we’ve provided people, so that our bettors have something to bet on no matter what. That said, we’re also glad that some of the biggest sports are coming back, too. As they do, you’ll be able to bet them here at BetNOw. 

If All Goes Well… Online Betting for NBA 7/30 

Fingers (and toes) crossed, rub those lucky pennies, rabbit’s feet, and anything else that you’ve got, but, should it all work out, we’ll be offering regular season NBA betting action on Thursday, July 30th. It’s frankly a little hard to believe right now, but it could very well come to pass that next week, we’ll be talking about the NBA regular season. 

Sure, it won’t be a season like any other. But, it will be an NBA season. It will be a chance for the best in the world to play again, and to determine a champion. We’re not sure about you, but we believe that we speak for many of you when we say that there’s little we’d like to see now more than a great NBA game. The best in the world will be back soon, and when they are, you’ll be able to bet all of the games at BetNow. 

The games may have been delayed due to the virus, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less great betting options. Just as ever, you’ll be able to bet the moneyline, the odds, the point spread, and so much more. Moreover, as the games change, as players are hurt, come back from injury, or anything else, we’ll update our lines fast. That way, you don’t have to bet on a line that’s no longer operable. We see that as our responsibility to you. 

MLB Betting: Thursday 7/23 

Even sooner than the NBA, baseball will be back. It hasn’t felt like a regular summer for so, so many reasons, not the least of which was because baseball wasn’t here with us. But, now that baseball is on its way back, in a very real way, even though it’s late July, it can feel like summer is finally, truly beginning. 

Again, these games may not look like the games we’re used to (Toronto potentially playing all of their games at lovely PNC Park in Pittsburgh) but, they’ll be real baseball. This sixty game season will be frenetic in so many ways. A losing streak can stop a season, but getting hot and going on a wild winning streak can take a team that no one believed in all the way to the brink of the MLB playoffs

If you believe you know one team is going to get hot, then this is the time to bet it. We have futures betting and more available, so if you know who’s going to really get something out of this season, now is the time to bet it. 

All of Our Other Options Still in Place

We’re so grateful to have the betting base that we do. We’re so thankful for all those who continued betting on eSports, online casino options, and more. Those aren’t going away just because these other sports are coming back. Far from it. You’ll still be able to bet them at our site. If you’d like, you can check out these other options, too. 

We call our site “BetNow” but another accurate title might be “BetForever.” We’re going to continue to offer great betting options no matter what’s going on in the world. It’s one more way that we can help our bettors. We look forward to betting alongside you season in and season out. Here’s to a great MLB and NBA season!