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Online Betting Any Time, Even on Christmas Day

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Online Betting Any Time, Even on Christmas Day

There aren’t many companies that folks are glad to see working on Christmas Day. It can feel like if someone’s working on Christmas, it’s wrong. However, for many of us, there are holiday traditions that make the holiday more special, even if they involve others working. One such tradition is the NBA on Christmas Day. Sure, the NFL has had games in the past, and there’s usually a college bowl game or something. But, on Christmas Day, the NBA is where it’s at. The league actually schedules truly huge games for this day, as they know they’ll have a tremendous audience. At BetNow, you can get into some online betting any time for the NBA even on Christmas Day. 

Online Betting Any Time on NBA

The NBA has put several games up on Christmas Day. Sure, these are big games between big teams, which makes the entire thing more fun. What makes it even more fun is that you can use each of these as an opportunity to win more money. If Santa didn’t bring you everything you wanted this year (or, even if he did) these games can help you to make even more money. You can make this holiday truly special by online betting any time on some big games at our site. 

What makes it even better is, at our site, you can bet on these games in a variety of ways. For example, you can bet on the money line, the total, the point spread and so forth. However, there are way more opportunities to bet on these games than that. You can bet on who’s going to be ahead after each quarter you can bet on who’s going to be winning after the first half, and so forth. Sure, the players only win if they’re ahead at the end of the game, but you can win all throughout the game. 

Think of it as one more gift that we offer our bettors. Instead of just having one chance to win, you now have several. That can protect your bets, so that you have more chances to win plenty of money on a holiday. With our site, you can actually bet whenever you want, too. If there’s a down moment during the holiday, or quiet time when nothings’ really happening, or just a moment when you want to get away and be by yourself for a while, you can get a bet down at our site in just a couple minutes. 

The Games on Christmas Day

When the NBA schedule is released, people will often look at Christmas to see what the games that day are going to be. For many casual NBA fans, this can serve as a kind of beginning to the season. Sure, the season’s been going for weeks now, but on Christmas Day, even the casual, lax fan starts really tuning in and paying attention. The lineup of games this year on Christmas is as strong as it has ever been. 

Everything kicks off at with the Celtics in Toronto to play the defending champions. This game can feel like a true battle for Eastern Conference supremacy. As with many of these games, it can serve as a measuring stick, a way to see where the two teams are at this given moment. Sure, the playoffs are, quite literally, a long ways away. But, these games can let fans and coaches alike chart a team’s progress. 

The same goes for the next game, another one between Eastern powers, the Bucks and the 76ers. The Bucks have, in the last few weeks, taken on the “prohibitive Eastern favorite” mantle in the eyes of many. There are many valid reasons for that, and this game is a chance to put that theory to the test. These games are scheduled before the season starts, and they don’t get flexed out or something if teams don’t perform as expected. Even with the slow start, the Golden State Warriors are a global team, one of the most recognizable franchises on Earth. They’ll host the Rockets. 

West Takes the Stage

After that, it’s the LA Game, the Clippers at the Lakers. For many in America, this will be one of their first opportunities to see LeBron and Anthony Davis together. The Lakers have seemingly returned to being a legitimate title threat, but that said, the Clippers aren’t a pushover anymore. This isn’t the Clippers of old, this is a good team in its own right. 

The final game of the day was supposed to be a way to introduce the world to Zion. The Pelicans will be at the Nuggets for a great close to Christmas Day. Of course, if you don’t bet on any of these games, they’ll be plenty more NBA games to come at BetNow.