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Super Bowl Prop Bets: Matthew Stafford and Cam Akers

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is back. With it, prop bets! These are the bets that are about individual players, individual accomplishments that occur within the game. Sure, so many are betting on the game, who’s going to win, etc. These bets give you another chance, something to root for outside of the game itself. We’ve got plenty of NFL Super Bowl prop bets here at our site. We’ve got bets about just about anything that you would want to bet on. Today, we’d like to focus on a very Los Angeles Rams-centric bet here, one involving Matthew Stafford and Cam Akers.

NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets: Matthew Stafford Passing Yards 

There are few players who, in the course of a season, have benefited more from a change of scenery than Matthew Stafford. After years of never having a winning season in Detroit, in being the best QB that no one had seen win much, he’s now in the Super Bowl in his first year in LA. Now, he has a real chance to win. To that end, we have a prop bet here where, half of it, is Stafford having over 286 passing yards in the game. 

You could bet on this thinking that Stafford is going to play a great game. That very well could be the case. If he throws for more yards than this, it’s entirely possible that the Rams win this one going away. However, this could also be a prop bet you could take if you think that the Bengals are going to win. Or, alternatively, that the Bengals are going to come out of the gate hot and race out to an early lead. That way, it would mean that Stafford has to keep throwing the ball to get them to catch up. 

Cam Akers Rushing Yards 

The other half of this prop bets is the Los Angeles Rams’ starting running back, Cam Akers. Cam has had a good season with some missteps along the way. Now, he’s got a chance to be the ball carrier for a Super Bowl team. To that end, we’ve got a prop bet that involves him rushing for more than 59 yards in the game. If he eclipses that number, it could mean that the Los Angeles Rams are, quite literally, running away with it. 

That said, it could also mean that the Bengals defense is doing its job, too. After all, the Bengals have been tough to run on all year. 59 yards isn’t all that much. It could be that they’re bottling him up, Stafford is throwing a lot, and Akers is running when he has to. 

NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets: A Home for Prop Bets 

The above are just some of our prop bets. Indeed, we have prop bets that involve both of those. So, you could bet on for both of those to happen and win even more money. Or, you can bet on any of the other number of prop bets that we have at our sports betting website, too. Good luck to you!