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NFL Sports Betting on More Than Games

You can almost hear the NFL season from here. You can smell it. The fans. The screaming. Scoring. Stops. Touchdowns. One-handed catches. Sacks. So much more — it’s all closer than you think. Sure, many of us are still dealing with the extra weight we put on during the 4th of July, but in just a few weeks, teams are going to be returning to training camp. From there, the Hall of Game game is going to be at the beginning of August, and once the Steelers and Cowboys kick it off, the season is on. As ever, you can find all the NFL sports betting you’ll ever need here at the best sports betting site, BetNow. You can do it for more than just the games, too.

NFL Sports Betting – Exotics

We’re always changing the exotics. The exotics are different from the games in many ways. The truth is, with these bets, they aren’t settled after week one. In many cases, they aren’t settled after week 17. No, it takes until after the season, until the end of the award ceremony, for these to be rewarded. So, that brings us to our first prop bet today – 2021-2022 Coach of the Year.

You know how Coach of the Year usually works: it’s the team that makes the most dramatic turnaround in one season. So, you’re looking for a coach of a team that, hey, maybe didn’t have a great year last year but looks like they’re really going to turn it on this year. Or, alternatively, it may also be a team that has a very good season but isn’t thought of as being very good right now. If the coach outperforms those expectations, then they have a fine chance to win coach of the year. Of course, it also went to Bill Belichik the year the Pats went undefeated in the regular season only to lose in the Super Bowl, so nothing’s guaranteed (other than that you’ll find the best betting at BetNow).

Who Is and Isn’t Going to the Playoffs?

That’s our other “exotics” right now. You can bet the favorites to go back to the postseason, and then hope that everything holds throughout the year. No injuries, no surprise teams, nothing to upset the apple car, so to speak. By that same token, you could bet on a team that you have a good feeling about. Sure, maybe they weren’t too great last year, but you like their roster, like their division, like their schedule, and can see it all coming together to get them back into the tournament. If you’ve got a good feeling about someone, you want to lock in these odds now.

NFL Sports Betting: Player Props Odds All Season Long

It’s never too early to think about post season awards (especially since we’re posting these on July 12th). To that end, we’ve got bets on the regular season MVP. Sure, as you might imagine, Mahomes is the favorite. But, hey, things can happen. We’ve got Josh Allen at plus 900, and you know what kind of season he’s capable of.

That said, there are some players that, in a very real way, we aren’t too sure of what they’re capable of yet. That’s because they’re rookies and we haven’t seen them in live game NFL action yet. Of course, you can bet on who’s going to be the rookie of the year, on both offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Do you have a good feeling about Trevor Lawrence taking command from day one and being that QB for the Jags? He’s our favorite. That said, we have everyone else you might expect – Najee Harris, Travis Etienne, and many others.

These are just some of the exotics you can bet on NFL right now. We’re highlighting these today, because these are NFL bets you can make today. We don’t exactly have a line for any of the games, even the very first preseason one yet because we don’t know what the rosters are going to be. But, when we do, you’ll be able to bet on those games (as well as all others) here at BetNow!