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NFL Sports Betting 2021 on More Than the Final Score

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Sports Betting 2021

Are you looking for more NFL sports betting 2021? Do you want to bet on the NFL games how you want to bet on them? Then you’ve come to the right place. As you know, here at BetNow, we make it possible to bet on the NFL in any way that you would like. That could mean betting on the final score, of course. You could bet the odds, the over/under, all of that. However, we also understand that you can do that kind of betting just about anywhere. We have unique options for the power players at BetNow. 

NFL Sports Betting 2021 By Half

The NFL goes play by play. Anything can happen from one play to the next. That said, teams want to win the next play, the next quarter, etc. There are teams that tend to start fast. There are teams that tend to start slow. If you know that, if you’ve found it in your research, you should be able to bet that – that’s what we think. So, to that end, we make it possible to bet on the first half as well as the second half. 

This is as easy as it sounds. You’ll bet on who’s going to be ahead at the end of the first half. Additionally, you’ll bet on who’s going to score more points in the second. That can be more competitive than you might think. After all, maybe you believe that one team is going to blow out the other. Fair enough. You could bet on them to win the first half and the other team to win the second half. After all, the second half could be full of plenty of “garbage time” points. Perhaps the team that’s up big pulls their starters or QB. This gives you more chances to win. 

Total Points Scored 

The preseason is a wild beast. It’s hard to know what’s going to happen in a given NFL game. It can be even more difficult in the preseason. After all, the starters you know aren’t playing every snap (or anywhere close to it). Moreover, you don’t know who’s going to start when. So, one team could be playing their ones against another team’s twos, and vice versa. As ever, the more you know about the teams involved, the better a chance you will have. 

That said, we know that some teams tend to score more (and some less) in every game, preseason or not. To that end, you can bet on “Total Points Scored” at our site. Find the team you’re interested in betting, and then pick whether they’ll score more or less points than our number. This throughout the game, not just after the first half or anything. If you know which teams tend to pour it on in the preseason (as well as those who are just happy to get out of there) this can help a lot. 

Exotics on Offense 

Who’s going to score the most points in the regular season this year? You can bet that right now at our site. As you might imagine, yes, the Chiefs are the favorite. The Buffalo Bills are right on their heels. But, if you feel confident about something, this might be a bet to get down. Should you be aware of one team or another that you just know is going to have a monster regular season, time to bet NFL online. Even the Chiefs’ odds are +400 right now, so if their offense does live up to expectations, you could be in line for quite a payday. 

Of course, there’s always a chance for a great payday at BetNow. That’s true whether you’re betting the NFL, baseball, or anything else.