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NFL Online Wagering Whenever the Games May Come

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Online Wagering

As of this writing, there’s not going to be a Thursday Night Football game. That sounds weird to say, but there have been all kinds of weird things that happened all year. In 2020, you have to be on your toes. Thursday Night Football may not occur, but Tuesday Night Football may be a thing that happens. Whenever there’s a football game, you’ll be able to get the NFL online wagering action you want right here at BetNow. 

NFL Online Wagering Week 6 

Is it Week 6 for your time? Possibly. Probably. Hopefully. You’re never really sure this year. Between the Titans and whoever else may have gotten COVID-19 by the time you read this, the schedule could have changed entirely. Indeed, as of this writing, we have the Texans playing the Titans with a red time on it and no particular line. Why? Because who knows if that game is going to happen. 

What we can tell you is that games are going to happen. Moreover, when they do, you’ll be able to bet on the NFL games here at BetNow. To take a look at Week 6 (on a Tuesday) we see that the Panthers are a three point favorite at home against the Bears. This is a game between two of the NFL’s most pleasant surprises. Sure, neither team is seen as a contender right now, but they’re playing better than you think. Do you think Foles can keep rolling or that the Panthers would, as it were, keep pounding? 

In terms of not so pleasant surprises in the NFL, the Washington Football Team heads to MetLife to play the Giants. No one might have expected these teams to play for the title, but, we thought they might have been better than this. The Giants are, yes, a favorite. And really, neither team is entirely out of the NFC East entirely (that whole division really is like that). Do you believe this is the game the Giants get on track? Or will the Washington Football Team do enough to win? 

Big Games in Week 6 

A great rivalry is seemingly reborn in Heinz Field this weekend, as the rejuvenated Browns roll into town to play the unbeaten Steelers. The Browns have looked like a real contender so far this year. That offense looks as real as can be and that’s even with Chubb hurt. The Steelers are, right now, a three and a half point favorite, but that could change between now and then. Is this the first time the Browns win in Pittsburgh since 2003 (yes, the year before Roethlisberger was drafted?) Or, will history continue? 

While there may not be big big games on the schedule right now between contenders (other than Cleveland versus Pittsburgh) but the Lions and Jags (as well as the 49ers and the Rams) feel like games where one team can take a real step forward and the other might be in serious trouble. The Rams haven’t quite gotten back to their Super Bowl trajectory, but it’s entirely possible. The Niners, on the other hand, are reeling. As soon as some of these guys come back from injury, they could be a contender again, but they have to get back to it fast. 

NFL Online Wagering

Ravens at Philly is one of those games that some of our bettors are looking at. The line is eight, but the Eagles might be a bit better than that. This is as much of a “trap game” as could be for the Ravens. Sure, they’re great, and they’re playing great ball, but, with big games looming, they could easily overlook this one. The line being eight, that’s steep on the road. Lamar and company can do it, of course, but did the Eagles finally find a wide receiver that Wentz can trust? 

Of course, you might have read this and thought: “that all sounds all right, but I’m not betting on football.” That’s why we have so much else for you to bet on. You can keep betting on the MLB playoffs and so much more, all here at our site. You can bet on all of those games and more right here at our site. Here’s to your luck in week 6!