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NFL Gambling as the Season Rolls On

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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December football. This is when the teams that are going to win really stand out. After all, despite what you may think, there are very few Super Bowl champions who “backed into” the playoffs. Sure, there are teams that lost a game or two along the way, but it’s rare you get the team that goes like, one and four in December and then is standing with the Lombardi Trophy. So, even the teams that do have their spots locked up are in a position where they want to be playing winning football as the season winds down. Of course, you can always bet winning football team with our NFL gambling website. 

NFL Gambling on Thursday and Beyond 

As ever, the week kicks off (thankfully) with Thursday night football. While this game may not have the big playoff push behind it, it’s still a big game for the bettors. The Chargers were probably never going to make the playoffs this year, but they are a true team on the rise. They’re 3.5 dogs as they go to Vegas for the first time to play the Raiders. 

As of now, the Silver and Black is in a real struggle to make the playoffs. In the AFC, there are a lot of haves as well as some have nots. What you don’t see are a lot of teams with middle of the road records. Rather, there are teams with great records and teams with bad ones. Many prognosticators, for example, think that it’s going to take an 11-5 record to get into the AFC playoffs this year. That’s a far, far higher win percentage than usual. 

So, what that means is the Las Vegas Raiders really need to win this game. For their season to keep its hopes alive, they’ve got to do it. That said, it’s a division game. Those are always going to be difficult in their own way. It’s always something when you play a team more than once in a season. How do you see it? Can the Chargers win a game in Vegas? Or, do the Raiders keep their hopes alive? 

NFL Gambling: Games Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 

One of the best things about football this time of year (and there are a lot of them) is that there are great games on Saturday as well as the other days. With the college season more or less headed to the bowl season, the NFL has no problem stretching the games out. When there are lines on the Panthers visiting the Pack and the Bills going to Denver, we will let you know. Both of those games are interesting, because while the Panthers and Broncos aren’t going to the playoffs this year, neither team is a pushover. 

Then, the action continues Sunday. Any talk about the games on Sunday has to start with the big one Sunday night as the Chiefs head to New Orleans. This is as clear a Super Bowl preview as we’ve had this late in the season in some time. That’s not to say that both or one team will make it, rather that it’s rare to see two teams doing this well in different conferences play this late into the season. 

As of right now, we’ve got the Chiefs as a 3.5 favorite on the road. Imagine how the Saints must feel to see that. This team, who’s done pretty much nothing but win all season (with a couple speed bumps along the way) is a more than three point dog at their own stadium this late in the season. This is just one of the many great games to bet on. Here’s to all the online betting action at BetNow!