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NFL Football Gambling on Thursday Night, Monday Night, and Beyond

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL football gambling

Hopefully, this is the end of the COVID-19 tests for football. Well, not the tests, exactly, but getting through them, people getting sick, etc. We’ve had far, far too much of that. Maybe the league will bubble up for the playoffs. But, until then, we’ve got a long way to go. The games continue, and the action gets hotter than ever. That’s true on Thursday Night, Monday night, Sunday night, and pretty much any other night of the week (should they need it). As ever, you can find the best in NFL football gambling right here at BetNow. 

NFL Football Gambling on Thursday Night 

Thursday night’s game is a good one, as you know – the Pats head to Los Angeles to take on the surging Rams. The NFC West has plenty of good teams, but now we’re at the point we’re wondering: “does it have a great one?” When you look at the NFC West, do you see a team that can beat the Saints in the playoffs? Do you see one that can take down the Pack? 

Even if you don’t, the Rams can make a claim towards being that this week. Sure, the Pats aren’t what they were, but they’re a competent team with a name QB. If the Rams can take care of business at home, it can be one step closer towards them being the last team standing in the NFC West. They have Aaron Donald, they have a decent run game – all things that travel in the playoffs, no matter where you have to play (or when). 

As for the Pats, if there’s another last stand to get to the playoffs, this is it. It’s not going to be easy to get into the playoffs in the AFC, even with the extra 7th team. Cleveland and other teams are surging into the playoffs, taking the spots of those that seemingly had them guaranteed for many years. If the Pats do want to swing into the Wild Card, this is the kind of game that they’ll have to win. 

Monday Night Football 

Speaking of Cleveland, they get a big chance for respectability this coming Monday Night. Cleveland has their best record in years- there’s no doubt of that. Even with their injuries, this looks like the best Cleveland team in a generation. Yet, there’s still plenty of questions about them. Much of that comes from their opponents. 

While in the NFL, you don’t have a choice in who you play, you do have a choice in how you play them. Yes, the AFC North this year is playing the NFC East, and the latter is easily the worst division in football (although the Football Team is coming on). But, Cleveland hasn’t always looked all that great against those names. Moreover, when they got to play Pittsburgh and Baltimore, they got romped on. 

Well, they get a chance to make up for that this coming Monday night. The Browns host the Ravens, and this has the feel of a playoff game. It essentially is for the Ravens: they more or less have to win this. Sure, they managed to game the system and get Lamar back for the Cowboys game. That allowed them to do well in that one. But, their spot in the playoffs is still far from guaranteed. A loss here, to a bitter rival, could put all of that in serious jeopardy.

That’s just one of the big games this weekend in the AFC that will go a long way toward determining who goes where in the playoffs. Pittsburgh, for example, coming off of their first loss to Washington, heads to Buffalo for a game that really does feel like it’s going to determine who will play the Chiefs. The Chiefs themselves go to Miami, and we’ll get to see what they’re both about right there. As ever, you can bet on sports at BetNow.