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NFL First Half Lines and More: From Now through the Super Bowl

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL First Half Lines

Betting on NFL games in the past used to be a very “all or nothing” kind of thing. You either made a lot of money and won at the end of the game, or you lost at the end of the game. That was pretty much it. Sure, you could get some prop bets going occasionally, but you were tied to only what happened when the clock struck zero. We found this too limiting, as it only gave you a few opportunities to make money. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer so much more at our site. When you come here, you’ll be able to bet on NFL first half lines and so much more, from now all the way through the Super Bowl. 

NFL First Half Lines

Everything that happens in an NFL game matters. It contributes to the final score, it can certainly be important in fantasy, and so forth. However, in the past, you weren’t able to bet on these kinds of things. Now, with BetNow, you’ll be able to do just that. Instead of only being able to bet on what happens at the very end of the game, you’ll be able to bet on lines in the first half and so much more. 

We’ve found that this is not just a way for more players to make more money, it’s a better way to bet, period. It doesn’t punish the bettors who know more about how different teams operate in different settings. For example, say that your research you do for your NFL First Half Lines betting reveals that one team is really great in the first half. Like, they come out with a strong game plan, they take big leads, they know how to strike first and keep the other team off balance. That leads to this team usually being ahead at the half. It doesn’t mean that they always win (as the other team can make adjustments, and maybe the first half team isn’t always good at responding to them) but they usually have a good first half. 

If you weren’t able to bet on the first half line, then you would fail to be rewarded for that. You couldn’t make money off of that knowledge. Now, you can. If you know that one team is typically great in the first half (or, alternately, if you know another team happens to be slow starters that don’t really get it together until after they make some halftime adjustments) then you can be rewarded for that by betting these first half lines. 

How Betting the First Half Works

At BetNow, we’ve done everything we can to make betting as simple as possible. We know that for many people, they’ve done their research. They know what betting is. Or, alternately, they just want to have fun and have a chance to make some money. They don’t want to have to learn about how to use an online site like it’s some kind of new language or something. Those are just a few of the reasons that we’ve made BetNow so easy to use. 

For example, when it comes to first half betting, at our site, it’s as easy as can be. Simply click on “NFL 1st Half Team Totals,” and you’ll be on the right page. From there, you can make your choices. Now, as of this writing, for the most part, these bets are typically about the “over/under” for how many points a team scores in the first half. Note: for this particular bet, it’s not about the final scores, or what they do in a quarter, but what they do in the first half alone. 

To use some current examples, the Bills have a big game on the road against the Pats. The Bills are coming on and Brady’s arm has rarely looked this weak. Maybe this is the time that the Bills really strike a blow for themselves in this division, or maybe the Pats defense is just too much. As of this writing, our over/under on the Bills 7.5. That means that, if you want to bet, you have to bet on whether the Bills will score more or less than that on the Pats in the first half. 

Second Half Betting and More 

Just because we have these bets doesn’t mean that we’ve eliminated betting at the end of the game. In fact, we’ve done the opposite: we’ve added even more opportunities to bet. That means that you can bet on what happens at the end of the game, the first half, the first quarter, the third, and everything else. You can make these bets now, all the way through the playoffs and ultimately, the Super Bowl itself.