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NFL Betting Week Two – Week 2 NFL Online Betting

The jitters are gone. It’s real. The games are real. The players have, for the first time in a long time, hit someone other than the other players on their own team. NFL betting Week two is very different from week one in the NFL. Yes, each of these teams are, in a very real way, “finding themselves.” However, they’ve been through the first game. We know something about them. Bettors certainly know something about them. Their opponents know something about them. But, we don’t know that much about them. Their story has yet to be written. That’s where NFL betting is with week two on the horizon. 

NFL Betting Week Two: Big Week Two Matchups 

The game is about to start as of this writing, but by the time you read this, the Bengals and Browns will be over. However, that’s just the start of what’s going down on Week Two. The Rams continue the NFC East portion of their schedule by going to Philadelphia. This game is, as of this writing, as close as a game can be. Indeed, we have it as a “pick ‘em.” Do you believe that the Rams are ready to win in Philadelphia? Or, can the desperate Birds bounce back from their loss in our Nation’s capital? 

Tom Brady goes home, sort of. His first game as the QB of the Bucs at home finds him still in search of his first win. He’ll be playing divisional rival the Panthers, still stinging after that Raiders game last week. The Bucs are a heavy favorite here, for many obvious reasons. Both teams need a win, and uh, it’s hard to find too many times when Tom Brady lost two games in a row (particularly at the start of the season). But, do you believe the Panthers can do it? 

Not Many Small Lines This Week 

Obviously, that can change as the games get closer, but for the most part, there’s only the “pick ‘em” game in Philly. Most of the other lines find one team up by a touchdown or so (Broncos at Steelers, Niners at Jets, etc.) However, there are some closer games. For example: Atlanta in Dallas. Both teams sure could use a win, and the Cowboys are a 4.5 point favorite at home. How do you see this one playing out? 

You’ve probably already seen the stats at this point, but teams that start 0-2 don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to getting to the playoffs. In fact, they rarely make it. Sure, it’s happened, in fact, it’s happened enough that you can probably think of some of the teams that have done it off of the top of your head. But, it’s not the kind of hole that a team wants to find themselves in. That might be especially true during a season as weird as this one is, with the pandemic, and so forth. 

Some of the more interesting “closer” action is in the cross-conference games this week. For example, we get a rare game: Vikings at Colts. The Colts are a three point favorite, but if you ask us, this game could go either way. It promises to be quite high scoring (or does it) but it’s one of those games when you really could see either team pulling it out. 

NFL Betting Week Two: Late Week Two and Beyond 

The Sunday Night game is a recent Super Bowl matchup (even though most of the players are gone that played in that game). The Pats go to Seattle where the Hawks are a four point favorite. Then, on Monday night, the Raiders host the Saints where the Silver and Black find themselves a 5.5 underdog on their own turf. 

Those are just some of the games going on this weekend, week two. We’ll have the games for you as long as they take place here at BetNow. Of course, you aren’t just locked into betting on football. You can bet on all of the sports that you’re interested in and so much more. As long as there are sports, you’ll be able to bet on them right here at BetNow.