NFL Betting Prediction 2021: The Miami Dolphins

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting Prediction

The Dolphins are back. They’re far from being doormats to the Pats or anyone else anymore. Last year, they were 11-5 against the spread, and they’re looking for an even better year this year. They had ten wins a year ago and could conceivably have more this year. After all, Tua is ready to take the reins for good. But, as the Fins have improved, so too have their schedule. If you’re getting into NFL betting prediction this year, the Dolphins are one of the teams to know. 

NFL Betting Prediction: What to Know About the Dolphins 

For most people, the thing they know most about the Miami Dolphins is Tua. There’s a good reason for that: the kid has talent. He very well could be the next great Dolphins quarterback. So many players make that big leap from year one to year two, and Tua very well could be no exception. The offensive line in front of him is young, but many of them have pedigree, so this all could work out for the Dolphins here. They brought in some new offensive weapons, but there’s a bit of an injury fear there. If they all stay healthy, look out. 

What does help the Dolphins quite a bit is that their defense should be very good. This is one of the league’s elite pass defenses. That, in and of itself should be enough to keep the Dolphins in plenty of games, giving Tua time to grow, mature, and learn how to win games by himself. This secondary is as good as any in the league and the front seven is quite good as well. The Dolphins are a team that can win games with their defense, which isn’t something that you can say about many teams throughout the league. 

NFL Online Gambling: the Dolphins’ Season 

The Fins’ schedule does not start easy. In fact, it starts with some of their most important games. They go to New England and then host AFC East favorite Buffalo. For them to win the division, it’s not at all a stretch to believe that they have to start the season 2-0. Remember, while the Fins got better this season, plenty of us also believe that the Pats got better this season as well. So, it’s likely that the Fins will be underdogs on the road in Foxboro in week one. They’ll be underdogs at home against the Bills, too. Winning both of those games puts them in their driver’s seat in the division. Winning at least one looks good for the playoffs. 

After that, they go on the road to Vegas. As of now, the line is a pick ‘em here, but it’s not hard to see the Fins as potentially a better team by then. They’ll be a home favorite against the Colts, but then be a big dog on the road elsewhere in Florida, traveling to Tampa Bay. After that, their schedule loosens up for a couple weeks, taking on the Jags in the United Kingdom and the Falcons at home. 

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But, that’s swiftly followed by a mid-season trip to Orchard Park, New York. The Texans will be significant underdogs in Miami while the Fins will probably be a dog on the road in Baltimore. From there, the Fins get a nice month: the Jets on the road, home to the Panthers, hosting the Giants, a bye, and then hosting the Jets. The Fins can and have to pick up wins here. 

In large part because, from there, they have to go to New Orleans, to Nashville, and finally at home hosting the Pats. So, win in the middle season, hope for a good start, and take it as it comes – the Fins can compete for the playoffs this year. How do you see it going? You can always bet online at sports now at BetNow!