NFL Betting on Christmas

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting on Christmas

You’ve got the presents, you’ve trimmed the trees, you had a big Christmas meal… so that means it’s time for NFL betting on Christmas. As ever, you can find all of the action you need right here at BetNow. We’ve got it all, from the games before Christmas, to the games on Christmas, to the games the day after Christmas, too. BetNow is about betting football, from the college to the pros and everyone else. By the time you read this, you’ll know who won against the Niners and the Titans. So, you’re now ready for the games of Christmas. 

The Early Game 

There’s an intriguing game on Christmas afternoon. The Cleveland Browns head to Green Bay to take on Rogers and the Pack. Both teams have plenty to play for. The Browns are, perhaps improbably, right in the thick of the AFC North race. No team has separated themselves from the rest, so the Browns, despite plenty of COVID-19 problems, are right there in the thick of it. 

By that same token, the Packers are trying to get the bye, to be the top team in the NFC. That won’t be easy, of course, but it gives them the best chance to go back to the Super Bowl (and to beat Tampa or whoever else comes their way this year). That said, there’s plenty of teams on their heels, so they want to win this one. 

… which is how our handicappers see it happening. We have the Pack by seven and a half points, although that could change plenty by the time everyone opens up their presents. How do you see it going? Do you see the Pack covering at home? Or, do the Browns come from far away and deliver a lump of coal? 

NFL Betting on Christmas: Christmas Night 

The Christmas Night game is one of those unique, cross-conference matchups that isn’t an impossible Super Bowl combination. The Colts travel to spend Christmas in the desert as they play the Cardinals. The Colts have plenty to play for, as they have a real chance to win the AFC South. Even if they can’t catch the Titans, they’re in as good a position for the Wild Card as any other team might be. 

The Cards are in the hyper-difficult NFC West. There are plenty of good teams in that division, so the Cards want to put themselves in the best position to be able to win this division. While they may not be in a position to win the bye at this point, they’re right there in the hunt for the playoffs. 

These two teams couldn’t be coming off of two more different games. The Colts won at home against the Pats and did so in fairly impressive fashion. By that same token, the Cards did not look good, losing on the road to the seemingly woeful Lions. Our handicappers see this as a close one, with the Cards being a one point favorite at home. How do you see it? Will the Cards cover? Or, do the Colts stampede through the desert and head home? 

Beyond Christmas 

Of course, the day after Christmas is a regular NFL Sunday, which means that there are plenty of big games to bet on. As with everything else, you’ll be able to bet on the biggest NFL games all throughout the day. Pittsburgh in Kansas City, Denver and Las Vegas, the Ravens and the Bengals, the Cowboys and the Football Team – we’ve got them all right here. May you have a happy and winning holiday!