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NFL Betting in Week One and Beyond

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting in Week One

NFL betting week one is always a special time. It’s a sign that fall is truly here and, thankfully, football is about to really begin in earnest. In the past year, this would be the time when we were all glad to see the preseason (and it’s meaningless for the fans) games go. However, this year, when there was no preseason, we all truly missed it. Luckily, the NFL seems to have done a very good job of making sure that players didn’t get COVID-19, so it does seem like we’re going to have a first game on Thursday night, as the Texans go to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs. 

Betting on Thursday Night 

Injuries are always a problem. They can especially be so in the NFL, where the game is, as so many have said, not a “contact sport” but rather, a “collision sport.” The NFL season may not be as long as the others, there are far fewer games, but it’s so violent that many players get hurt. 

Of course, this blog is written mere hours after the horrible injury suffered by Von Miller, one of the game’s great talents. We think of that in terms of the game Thursday night when, thankfully, it looks like J. J. Watt is going to play. 

A past defensive player of the year, Watt is one of those players who really can be the face of the league. A true great, he’s a problem for the other team every time he steps on the field. However, he’s been injured so much in the past. Hopefully, this is a year when he can play the entire season, and we can see just how good the Texans can be. 

With both teams near full strength in terms of rosters, who do you have in this one? The Chiefs are a favorite, but not an overwhelming one. Mahomes is well on his way to immortality, having one won a Super Bowl already and returning a very, very good team around him. However, Watt can win a game more or less by himself, so it’s entirely possible that the Texans could pull it out on Thursday night. 

Betting on National Football League the Rest of Week One 

One thing you’ll definitely notice when you see the game on Thursday night: the lack of crowd noise. Arrowhead is one of the game’s great stadiums. A truly tough place to play, it really does feel like the crowd is on top of you. However, it’s not going to feel that way Thursday night. So much of what makes it a great home field is going to be gone. Sure, it will still be Arrowhead, but without all of those fans, it just won’t be the same. 

That said, it won’t be easy for the Texans. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl on merit. They were truly great down the stretch last season, and took that into the playoffs with them. That offense is as potent as any the league has seen, and should continue to do so throughout this season. 

But, as they say, this is just one game. There are plenty of other games in Week One to look at. There are matchups between some of the best teams all over. Also, since it’s week one, there will be more games on Monday Night, too. Since no teams are on bye week, every single team in the league will be playing. This is an opportunity for all. 

NFL Betting in Week One: Betting on Football and More

This is just the beginning. While it’s just one game, you want to come out strong. There are all of those stats which say that the teams which win their first two games go on to the playoffs far more often than they don’t, as well as those that say the teams that lose the first couple games won’t do well when it comes to the postseason (even with the 7th team). We’ll be with you every step of the way in betting online at BetNow.