NFL Wagering in December 2021

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting in December 2021

We’ve made it. We’re now in the last month (or so) of the regular season. Yes, this year there’s a 17th game, which will push the regular season a little longer than it would be otherwise. But, December is where you make it or you break it, so to speak. There are seemingly more teams than ever that have a real chance at the playoffs (even if you define “real chance” as “0.01 percent” or whatever one simulation or another might say). The truth is that this has been a wild season and anything can happen. One thing that can happen now: NFL games on Saturday. That’s just some of what NFL betting in December 2021 can include. 

Thursday Night NFL Betting 

Sure, it’s a big game in the AFC West, but it very well might also be a preview of the AFC championship. Two (most likely) playoff bound teams square off in Los Angeles, as the Chiefs travel to LA to play the Chargers. After a long, bumpy road, the Chiefs are finally looking like the Chiefs again. They’ve been winning, they’ve been scoring, and they’ve even been playing some defense, if you can believe it. 

Our handicappers certainly believe it. As of this writing, they’ve got the Chiefs as a four point favorite on the road. How do you see it breaking down? Is this one more game where the Chiefs take one more step towards being the team we thought they would be all along? Or, is this a game where the Los Angeles Chargers slay the dragon and ascend to the top of the AFC West (as well as possibly the AFC?) 

NFL Betting in December 2021: Saturday 12/18 Day 

With the college football regular season over and the bowl season upon us, the NFL is finally putting pro games on Saturdays. This means you can have NFL action all weekend long. It starts with a pretty important game for the Wild Card in the AFC. The Raiders head to Cleveland where they’re going to play the Browns. Now, outside of the playoffs, there’s no such thing as an “elimination game.” These teams could lose and still sneak into the playoffs… 

… but that would be difficult. There are so many teams in the AFC near the playoffs, you gotta figure at least a few of them will get hot enough to be able to make a real run at the Wild Card there. So, if either of these teams are going to make a move, now is the time to do it. The Browns have been playing better as of late, hence them being six point favorites. But, the Raiders have won some big games on the road this year. Who do you get in this one? 

Saturday Night

Speaking of “big games in the AFC for playoff position,” we’ve got one late Saturday night, too. At 8:25 PM, the Pats head to Indianapolis to play the Colts. The Pats have been maybe the AFC’s best team. Certainly, they’re in the catbird seat right now when it comes to the one bye. That said, they’ll find themselves dogs on the road against the Colts. 

The Colts have a defense that people tend to sleep on and an offense that sneaks up on people. The Colts might be the rare NFL team that “flies under the radar”. They don’t to our handicappers, of course, as they have the Colts as favorites. What do you have in this game>? 

Part of what’s so great about these games is that you can watch all of them, you can bet on all NFL games, and then there’s still an entire Sunday of NFL football to go. That’s part of the magic of this time of year. We hope that your picks are magic this coming weekend!