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NFL Betting for Preseason Week One

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting for Preseason

NFL Betting for Preseason: Teams have reported to camp. The football season truly has begun.  From now through the start of February, every week will have NFL football. Think about that. No more just talking about the draft, or seeing guys partying on Instagram. The NFL is back with us for the duration of the season. The betting actually starts before the regular season does. You’ll be able to bet on all of the preseason games right here at BetNow. We’ve got NFL betting as long as there are NFL games being played. 

NFL Betting for Preseason: NFL Betting Hall of Fame Game 

As you probably know by now, the Cowboys play the Steelers in the very first preseason game. Yes, this game was supposed to be last year, but there was a pandemic in case you hadn’t heard. This game will, of course, feature two of the league’s flagship franchises, (and certainly two teams with a seemingly endless list of hall of farmers). We have the line as the Steelers favored by one in this game, but that could change. 

Betting on NFL preseason games is a bit different than betting on other games. For example, take the Hall of Fame game. Recently, Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin said that the team’s 3rd round rookie draft pick will start at center. Is he the player that many observers of the team think will start for the Steelers at center in the first game of the regular season? No. He certainly could, but he’s far from the most experienced option in camp. 

But, that having been said, the Steelers want to see if he can win the job. They want to see if he has what it takes right now to win this job out of camp. So, they’re giving the best chance to start this game. How you feel about him starting the game might change how you feel about betting this game. After all, if the Cowboys start some or even many of their starting defensive line and linebackers, how is a rookie 3rd round pick going to deal with that? The preseason is different. 

Bet on Week One of the Preseason Thursday 

Perhaps cruelly, after the first preseason game, the Hall of Fame game, there’s another week until the preseason starts back up again. But, when it does, it does so with a bang. The Washington Football Team goes to New England to take on the new-look Pats. The Steelers play again, this time going across the turnpike to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. Both of these are games between teams with real followings and proud fan bases. They’re going to turn out in each stadium. It won’t be a regular-season game, no. But, there will be times when it feels that way. 

Friday and Beyond  of Week One Preseason 

The next night, Friday, there’s even more great preseason action. Speaking of the Cowboys, they travel up the road to Phoenix to take on the Cardinals in their home stadium. The Bills gear up for another season by heading south to Detroit to take on the Lions. Speaking of the south, the Titans go over to Atlanta to play the Falcons. 

The next day, Saturday, has even more great preseason action. The Dolphins and Bears play a game in Chicago, while the Broncos head north to take on the Vikings. If there’s a team that hasn’t played at this point, they get a chance to do so on this weekend. Saints, Ravens, Browns, Jaguars, Bengals, Bucs, Jets, Giants, and so much more. If you want to see your team play, it all happens in week one of the preseason. And you’ll be able to do it all at the best sports betting website, BetNow!