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Best NFL Betting Website: NFL Betting Divisional Round

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting Divisional Round

The Divisional round here. We’re down to eight teams. Who’s going on to the conference championship games? We’ll know by Sunday night. However, between now and then, there’s plenty of opportunities to make money. These four games are some of the best NFL betting opportunities of the entire season. Yes, many of the Super Wild Card games were blowouts. But, our bettors made plenty of money. Whether you were in on that or not, you can get in on the good NFL betting divisional round

Saturday Games for NFL Betting 

The very first game of the 2nd round of the playoffs comes to us on Saturday afternoon, as the Cincinnati Bengals, fresh off winning their first playoff game in thirty years, travel not all that far south to take on the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. This is one of the more interesting betting matchups of the weekend. 

The Titans, the number one seed in the AFC, are playing their first game after the bye. The road to the Super Bowl in the AFC does indeed go through Nashville. That said, the Titans are a 3.5 point favorite at home. The Bengals looked impressive in their first playoff win in a generation (especially since it was actually a win). 

Many are taking the Bengals in this game. After all, the Bengals looked good against common opponents (two convincing wins over Pittsburgh while the Titans actually lost to the Steelers in Pittsburgh, for example). But, the Titans should be getting their big running back back in this game. How do you see it playing out? 

NFL Betting Divisional Round: Saturday Night 

Saturday night, an old NFC rivalry returns for its next chapter. The San Francisco 49ers go to Lambeau to take on the number one seed in the NFC, the Green Bay Packers. It’s hard to beat Aaron Rodgers anywhere, but especially so in Green Bay. The line reflects that, as the Packers are a six point favorite at home. 

That said, the last time the Niners played the Pack in the playoffs, the Pack did not win by six. Indeed, the Niners kind of ran over them, literally, on tehri way to the Super Bowl. Now, granted, that game was out in the Bay Area, but still, there’s plenty of Niners still on that team which were on the one that won that game. How do you see this going? Does the Lambeau Magic hold and the Pack covers? Or do the Niners roll in and roll out covering (if not winning outright?) 

Sunday Betting on Football 

After winning the very first NFL playoff game on Monday night, the Los Angeles Rams at least get to wait till Sunday afternoon to play their next playoff game. The problem is, of course, that they have to go clear across the country to the Eastern Time zone to do so. There, they’ll meet Tom Brady and the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The Bucs are a three point favorite at home. It makes sense, Tom is, as you may have heard, quite good in the playoffs. But, the last time we saw these two teams, the Bucs did not look great in that game. Granted, it was out in LA. But, the Bucs had more players than they’re going to have in this one (such as AB and others). How do you see it playing out? Does Tom roll on? Or, does LA take another step closer to the Super Bowl? 

AFC Championship Game Rematch 

Perhaps the most looked-forward to game of the weekend is the very last one. On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills, in a rematch of last year’s AFC title game. Both teams won convincingly in the Wild Card round. Now, they get to go against each other again. 

This is a playoff QB matchup that we could see again and again for years to come. Allen and Mahomes are as good as it gets. Yet, the last time they played in the playoffs, the Chiefs defense did more than enough (and their O line did just enough) to get past the Bills. This is looking like a close one, as we have the Chiefs favored by two in Arrowhead. How do you see it going? You can bet on NFL all playoffs long at BetNow.