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NFL Betting Championship Weekend: Football Championship Games Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting Championship

Was that a weekend or was that a weekend? There are NFL Divisional Weekends, but there’s never been one like that before. All close games, all big moments, and capped off with one of the great games (unless, of course, you like any defense whatsoever). What a weekend! There’s another one coming, even if it’s just one day. Of course, at the end of it, two teams are going to the Super Bowl. This is a great weekend for NFL betting championship (and, really, the next to last one). So, it’s time to go hard or go home. You can win big at BetNow. 

NFL Betting Champions: the AFC Championship Game 

Yes, many think that last Sunday night’s game was the real Super Bowl. One team has a chance to prove that wrong on Sunday afternoon. Yes, the Bengals are playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl. They are the Bungles no more (at least, not for a while now). They are a legitimate threat off of the way they handled the Raiders as well as the Titans, holding on to beat both (and one on the road). 

This week, however, they get an entirely different kind of beast: the Kansas City Chiefs. This is as potent an offense as the NFL has seen in some time, if ever. The defense is OK, but they can do just enough to win (and they were absolutely gassed at the end of the game on Sunday night). How do you see this one playing out? 

Our handicappers have the Chiefs by seven points. That may seem like a big line to many of you. After all, the Bengals have Joe Burrow, Chase, and plenty of other good players. Yes, but they haven’t been in this spot since President Bush’s administration. No, the first President Bush administration. The Chiefs have been here before, going 2-1 in these games with Mahomes. Perhaps most importantly: the game isn’t in the Jungle. It’s in the Chiefs’ Kingdom. Anything can happen! 

The NFC Championship Game 

The Bengals and Chiefs did play recently. The Bengals won, in fact (that said, of course, the game was in the Jungle and not in Kansas City). Those two teams, while very good, really don’t play each other all that often. This is not the case in the NFC Championship Game. These teams play each other all the time, two times a year (at least) to be exact. Now, they’re going to play with a chance to go to the Super Bowl on the line. 

The San Francisco 49ers will go to Los Angeles to take on the Rams. The Rams are one of those teams that made moves in the offseason (and during the season) that were “Super Bowl or Bust.” Now, they’re just one game away from getting there. Matthew Stafford, really for the first time, has a team around him that’s good enough to win it all. 

Of course, to get there, he’ll have to do something that no one else has done so far: beat the Niners in the playoffs. The Niners maybe have been the story in the playoffs this year, knocking off the Cowboys in Dallas and then, amazingly, the Packers in Green Bay. How have they done it? Defense. Special teams. The kinds of things that aren’t supposed to matter in a league anymore where dudes throw for several touchdowns in the last couple of minutes. 

NFL Betting Championship: Betting This Game and the Super Bowl Itself

How do you see this game going? We have the Rams as a 3.5 point favorite at home. Of course, as many of you know, a good rule of thumb is “you get three points for being at home.” So, you could see this game as pretty even. Besides, with the size of the Rams’ stadium (and the difference between the Niners’ and Rams’ fan bases) there are going to be plenty of SF fans at the game. Can Jimmy G do it again on the road? Or, do the Rams win at home and then stick around for the Super Bowl? You’ll be able to bet football games at Betnow, too!