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NFL Betting 2021 for the Rest of Preseason Week 1

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting 2021

Just about every team is in camp. The ones that aren’t probably will be by the time you read this. The preseason is almost here. Sure, some teams will hold those little practices with other teams, but it’s just not the same. For the most part, with some rare exceptions, the first week of the preseason will be the first time that each team will be able to hit someone else, someone not on their own team. So, they’ll be able to hit in anger. The preseason will also be different from the past, with only three games, so it’s entirely possible you’ll see more starters. The last time we discussed the preseason we only covered some of the games in week one. Here are the rest for your NFL betting 2021 enjoyment. 

The Battle of New York and an Old AFC West Rivalry 

Part of the fun of the preseason is you get to have games that are “big rivalries” without as much on the line. But, of course, if you want to bet on these NFL games, then there will be plenty on the line for you indeed. That said, there’s a game that’s always fun to see in week one of the preseason, the Jets going “on the road” to play the Giants. As it’s a home game for the Giants, they will probably have more fans (since they’ll be offered more of the tickets) but you know that there will be plenty of Jets fans there as well. We have the G-men as a one and a half point favorite, but obviously, that can change depending on who’s playing. 

Speaking of ancient rivalries, when the Seahawks moved to the NFC, they left behind some fierce ones with AFC West teams. That’s why it’s always gratifying to see them heading on the road to play the Raiders. Of course, when the Seahawks went “on the road to play the Raiders” in the AFC West, they headed to Oakland and Los Angeles, respectively. Now, they’ll be heading to Vegas. We’ve got the Raiders in the preseason as a 1.5 favorite at home. But, if Russell Wilson plays, then this could change indeed. You never know what you’re going to get with the preseason. 

NFL Betting 2021: Super Bowl Rematches and the Battle of Los Angeles 

It feels longer ago than it was (due to the pandemic and any number of other factors) but, in recent history, the Niners and Chiefs really did play a Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs won it. Now, the teams play again in the preseason with the Niners being favored by 1.5 at home late on Saturday night. The Niners are one of those teams that folks from all around the league will be looking forward to seeing in the preseason for one reason: new, hot quarterback. Trey Lance very well could be one of the most exciting players of the next decade. This will be the first time that many folks across the country will be able to see him. 

For those on the east coast who want to stay up late and see some early preseason action, there will be a late game Saturday night that occurs in Los Angeles. The Chargers and Rams will play each other. The Rams are a two point dog at home. How do you feel about that? The Chargers may have more pieces in place than they did in the past. But, the Rams really aren’t all that far removed from being a team that could compete for a Super Bowl. Speaking of “Super Bowl,” as far away as it might seem, the first week of the preseason is when teams really will take a first step towards it. For more sports betting, you can reach us at BetNow!