New York Giants NFL Betting Preview

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
New York Giants NFL Betting

New York Giants NFL Betting Preview: The G Men. One of the NFL’s true flagship teams. They… did not have their best year last year. But, one thing we found when we did a deep dive on the Giants – they might have had a better team than a lot of folks realized. This is a team that may not be in a position to be a Super Bowl contender or anything of that nature. But, they are a team that could certainly improve, that could take steps towards being a contender soon (or they could be a team that falls apart completely. It’s all on the table for the Giants). 

New York Giants NFL Betting: What to Know about the Giants 

Like so many teams, you’ve got to look at the quarterback first. We still don’t know exactly what there is here with “Danny Dimes” (truly one of the league’s great nicknames). At the time he was drafted, he was thought of as a reach. That’s looked prophetic since, as he’s had 22 interceptions to go along with 29 fumbles. That said, this is his third year. It’s time to take that next step to be The Guy. 

But, as with so many players who maybe haven’t capitalized on their full potential yet, there’s a lot more to the story. After all, the Giants’ offense isn’t meant for Danny to carry them – it’s about Saquon. Unfortunately, he was injured for the season early in last year’s campaign. It seems that he’s rehabbed very nicely and is on pace to start the season. But, how long will it take him to bounce back fully? One of the game’s great talents when he’s healthy, as ever, Barkley’s health will go a long way towards determining who the New York Giants are. 

The Giants had a deceptively good defense last year, 22.3 points averaged a game and 40 sacks. Those aren’t bad numbers, especially for a team that didn’t exactly make anyone afraid with their offense. The offensive line was putrid and the Giants may not have made enough changes there. But, adding Kenny Golladay could certainly help Danny to get the ball out of his hand sooner. 

Looking at the Schedule 

The good news for the Giants, of course, is that they’re in the NFC East. While the division may not be as mediocre as it was last year, this still is a division that, should they have a decent record, they can be competitive in. They can very well split with everyone in their division, Dallas, Washington, and Philadelphia, if not sweeping one or so should something go their way. While the Giants have had a good record against the Football Team, they’re building some kind of pass rush in Washington. 

Speaking of pass rush, the Giants open by hosting the Broncos. The Broncos, like the Giants, may not have it all figured out on offense but the Broncos’ defense is fearsome and getting tougher. This is a rough opening start for the Giants. In fact, the Giants play some very difficult games throughout the season — at New Orleans, at Kansas City, and at Tampa Bay are all going to be extremely hard to win. 

The New York Giants NFL Betting Preview 

Most folks aren’t bullish on the Giants to have a winning record, or even to have a good one. But, if you look at their schedule, there are wins to be had here. Beyond the division, they get games with Chicago, Miami, Vegas, and Atlanta – teams that, while they may be a bit better than the Giants on paper, in a game on a Sunday, the Giants absolutely could win. The Giants are probably going to finish with anywhere from six to eight wins, but the outer ranges, either way, are possible, too. As with all teams, you’ll be able to bet online on NFL teams here at BetNow!