New England Patriots 2021 NFL Betting Preview

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NFL Betting Preview

2021 NFL Betting Preview: How do you feel about the Pats going into the 2021 season? If you’re like most people, you probably feel better about them than you did going into the 2020 season. After all, this isn’t the first year without Tom – it’s the second. Brady’s last season in New England didn’t exactly go (or end) swimmingly, and his absence showed a lot of problems that had been festering on the roster. It was up to Cam Newton and co. to overcome those issues in 2020, and they, well, didn’t. But, New England had as active an offseason as any team in the league. Will it be enough for them to be a contender this year? 

NFL Betting Preview: What Did The Pats Do in the Offseason? 

The Pats did quite a bit actually. With plenty of money to go spend on free agents, go out and spend. Since the glory days of Ben Coates, Christian Fauria, Gronk, and, er, Aaron Hernandez, so much of the Pats’ passing game has gone through the tight end. That’s going to continue this year, as Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith join the fold. While those guys may not be exactly who they were in the recent past, they’ll be a significant upgrade over what’s already there in New England Patriots

That isn’t all that was done to upgrade the receiving core. Nelson Agholor had a great year in Vegas with the Raiders, and now he’s coming to New England to help out the QB. You’ll note we said “the QB” and not “Cam” or “Mac Jones.” That’s because we don’t know who’s going to start. Cam didn’t exactly have the greatest year last year, but Mac Jones has yet to take a snap in anger. While Mac has looked good in camp so far, it’s a bit hard to believe, right now, that The Hoodie would start a rookie in his first game. 

What’s Their Season Look Like? 

Perhaps a bit easier than you might think. The days of the AFC East just going to the Pats before the season started are long over, however. The Bills are the class of the division. Barring injuries/some kind of weirdness, it’s very unlikely the Pats are going to be able to catch them. The goal for the Pats in the division is to stay ahead of the rising Dolphins. The Dolphins’ rebuilding plan has come together in a hurry, and this is very much the year that they could take a big leap. 

Other than in the division, their schedule isn’t as rough as others. Playing the NFC South is no cakewalk, of course, (including that massive game against Brady and the Bucs), but getting the Saints and Bucs at home is, of course, better than the alternative. Around the AFC, they’ll play the AFC South (which is also easier than playing the AFC North or West). Other games break their way as well: playing the Browns in Cleveland instead of in the Dog Pound, and so forth. 

Will The Pats Make the Playoffs? 

They have a good chance to sneak in as a wildcard. It’s very hard to see them winning the division, but those games against the Fins are going to be crucial. Those very well could be the tie-breaker games that determine it. Winning games against the Colts and the Browns could help quite a bit, too, when the season wraps up. Of course, the best thing that could happen to the Pats, regardless of anything having to do with the playoffs, is for Mac Jones to step forward and be the true successor to Brady. 

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