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NBA Sports Betting Down to the Wire

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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NBA Sports Betting: We’ve all heard the phrase “down to the wire.” There’s a belief that it comes originally from old time horse racing, where the horses would race and a very close race would come, well, “down to the wire.” That’s where we’re getting to in the NBA and NHL playoffs. Indeed, we’re already there in the NHL playoffs, as Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final is being played as this blog is written. No matter what’s going on in sports, you’ll be able to do all of the sports betting you want at BetNow. 

NBA Sports Betting in the NBA Eastern Conference 

The Eastern Conference has been, for many, a surprise. Going into the series, it’s not much of an exaggeration to say that the Bucks were a heavy favorite. Plenty of folks picked them. It makes sense: this is an experienced playoff team. They’ve been here before, so to speak. We’ve seen Giannis in these big games, never quite getting over the hump. Now, with the path cleared, it looked like the Bucks were ready to walk to the Finals. Indeed, our handicappers picked the Bucks to be a seven point favorite in many of the games of this series. 

However, a funny thing happened on the way to Milwaukee walking into the Finals – the Hawks. The Hawks happened. In fact, the Hawks happened again. The Hawks have been happening throughout these playoffs and it’s time folks have started paying attention. The Hawks have made this a tied series going back to Milwaukee for Game 5. Who do you have in that one? 

Is this the game that finally, finally breaks the Hawks? Or, is it here that the Hawks assert themselves yet again, flying higher than ever before? Our handicappers, as per usual, pick the Bucks to win this game. However, in a change of pace, they don’t see the Hawks as a seven point underdog. In fact, they’ve got the Bucks as a two point favorite. That’s just one shot (or less). What do you think? 

The Western Conference 

There are teams that can shockingly stay alive in the playoffs no matter what. And then there are the Los Angeles Clippers. They looked like they were absolutely dead and bloated after the Kawhi went down. But, again, something surprising happened at the Suns’ coronation – Paul George and the rest of the Clippers went off. That led to a big Game 5 win, setting up a Game 6 in Los Angeles. 

That game won’t be final while this blog is being written. So, when you see it, it will be the future. Perhaps the Suns really did beat the Clippers on their home court, punching their ticket to the Finals. Or, perhaps the Clippers had one more rally in them, forcing a Game 7 back in the Valley of the Sun. How do you see this one going? Does Paul George do it one more time? Or does Chris Paul go to the Finals? 

NBA Sports Betting: The Final 

In hockey, it feels like the Habs are all that stands between the Lightning and history. During Game 1, it didn’t look like the Habs were going to put up too much of a fight. Sure, Carey Price is as talented and tested a goalie as has ever played the game, but that’s a special lineup in Tampa. At any moment, in any game, they could just go off. And, in Game one, they did, winning 5-1. Yes, it was close for a while. But, in the Stanley Cup Final, everything is magnified. And, the performance of the Lighting definitely was in the 3rd period. 

How do you see this series going? For many, it’s hard to pick the Habs to win this. But, they do still have what it takes to beat a team like Tampa (if anyone does). Great goaltending, timely goal scoring, tough defense all around – if they can do that, they have a chance. If any part of that falters (for any length of time) then it’s probably time for another parade in “Hockey Bay.” How do you see the Final going? As ever, you can bet on all sports at BetNow!