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NBA Playoffs Betting Through the Finals

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA Playoffs Betting on a Tuesday 

Of course, if you want NBA playoffs betting on a Tuesday or through the finals, you’ve come to the right place. Here at BetNow, you’ll be able to bet on all of the games that you want, at any time. That means betting on round 2, of course, as it happens. It also means betting on rounds 3 and beyond as well. When you’re betting on the NBA playoffs, there’s nowhere like BetNow. You can, as ever, bet the point spread, of course, but you can bet the money line and over/under as well. Let’s get to the games. 

NBA Playoffs Betting on a Tuesday 

The early game on Tuesday night takes us to a familiar place: Miami. There, the Heat have to see if they can find a way to turn this thing around. Sure, when Embiid wasn’t there, things were looking pretty good. But, now he’s back. Moreover, Harden is scoring, too. Can the Heat turn this around? Game 5 isn’t an elimination game, but you sure don’t want to lose it. How do you see it? 

Here, our handicappers like the Heat, but barely. In fact, as of this writing, we have the Heat as a three-point favorite in their arena. That’s something Harden (or plenty of the other Sixers) can deal with in a single shot. The Sixers have won two in a row. Can they keep it going? Or, will the Heat manage to take this game (and take a stranglehold in the series?) How do you think it will play out? 

Late Game Tuesday 

Later on on Tuesday, the action goes out west. Specifically, it goes to Phoenix, where another series is two to two, the Mavs and Phoenix Suns. The Suns may have had a great regular season, but the Mavs aren’t going to be an easy out. Indeed, plenty of folks didn’t have the Mavs taking it this far (as well as being tied). So, this game is a big one indeed. The winner goes up 3-2. 

If the Mavs win this, then they’ll look great, heading home for a game where they can clinch. If the Suns win, however, then they’ll have two games (including a potential Game 7 at home) to move on. That said, our handicappers see the Suns as winning this. We have them as six point favorites in their arena. How do you see this one playing out? 

Wednesday and Beyond 

The next day, another Game 5 takes place between two teams that are tied 2-2. Here, we’ve got the Bucks going up against the Celtics in Boston. This series has been back and forth, so this game will probably be no exception. That said, our handicappers have the Celtics as a 5.5 point favorite in their own arena, back in Boston. Is that what you think is going to happen? 

Wednesday night, we go out west for another Game 5, far west, to the Golden State. There, the Grizz are playing for their playoff lives. They have to win out if they’re going to move on. That’s quite a task, as the Warriors (no stranger to winning) are up 3-1 in the series. Sure, the Grizz could come back from 3-1, but there’s no guarantee they will. 

Of course, for every team that does come back from a deficit like that, it always happens one game at a time. You can’t win three in a row in one night, but you can win tonight and then let tomorrow take care of itself. 

In terms of betting, you can bet on these basketball games, but there are so many great games to bet on at BetNow. For example, the NHL playoffs are moving from the first round into the second and there are plenty of great games to bet as the first round rolls to a close. You can always bet here at BetNow. Good luck!