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NBA in 2021 Online Betting

The NBA season is in full swing. We’re about at the point where if you’re going to make a move, it’s time to make a move. If not, we know who you are, then. This season, there’s no shortage of surprises, teams playing better than you thought. By that same token, there’s plenty of teams that have taken a big step backward, too. Sure, even if you aren’t great right now (or you’re flirting with 500, which, uh, just about all of the Eastern Conference seems to be) there’s still plenty of time to turn things around. That’s true for the players as well as the bettors. If you’re going to be into 2021 online betting, there’s plenty of it left in the 2021 NBA season. 

2021 Online Betting for the Teams About to Make a Move

Monday, the Bulls play the Rockets in what’s a home game for the Rockets. As of this writing, we’ve got this as close a game as can be – the Rockets are favored by a point. These are the kinds of games that, in the middle of a season, may not seem like such a big thing. After all, these two teams are in different conferences. They rarely see each other. Indeed, they wouldn’t play till the Finals, which feels unlikely at this point, to put it frankly. 

But, these are exactly the kinds of games that you have to win if you’re going to get to the playoffs, much less go on a run. The games really do add up over the course of a season. Sure, you might think “it’s just one game, not that big a deal.” That’s the kind of attitude you can take when you’re the Lakers, or one of the other established powers, the kind of team that really needs something catastrophic to happen to not make the NBA playoffs

That said, if you’re a team that’s scuffling, that’s in a pack with a bunch of other teams, this is the kind of game you desperately want by the end of the season, when it all gets added up. Sure, it’s not going to hit the same as a division game, or one against even a conference rival. But, these games really do matter. A team that just makes the playoffs (like either of these teams very much look like they could be) can look back at a game like this to point to what got them in there. Consequently, if they don’t make the playoffs, this is the kind of game that can cause that, too. 

Good Games Between Good Teams (and Those That Could Cause an Upset) 

The Blazers are having a good year so far. It makes sense, they’re a good team, they could absolutely go on a run in the Western Conference. They’re playing the Suns, a team that’s right there with them in the standings. This very well could be a playoff matchup in just a few months. Indeed, this is very likely the marquee game on this Monday night. 

So who do you got? Do you see the Blazers going on the road and taking a victory? Or, do you see it as our handicappers have it, with the Suns being a six point favorite? Just as we mentioned in the last section about “teams looking at these games to get into the playoffs,” these are very much the kinds of games that teams look at when it comes to playoff seating. After all, as of this writing, the Suns are a six point favorite at home. 

It stands to reason that, if these teams meet later on in the playoffs, should the Suns have the home-court advantage, they’re going to be favorites in those games, too. That said, if the Blazers head to the valley of the sun and make a difference and steal this one, well, the next time they meet in the playoffs might be in the Rose Garden, in the Pacific Northwest. 

Again, these are just some of these tory lines in this coming NBA night of action. It’s going to be this way all throughout the regular season as well as the playoffs. When it comes to 2021 online betting on the NBA, there’s only one sports betting website, BetNow.