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NBA Betting Website: NBA Betting as the Playoffs Await

NBA Betting Website: Ready for the NBA playoffs? They’re so near and yet so far. We’ve still got some time before they come rolling in, but, as the games heat up, it’s more and more important to win and keep winning. Any small losing streak, any tiny mistakes can really, really add up now. Of course, if you’re betting, this is another great time of year. You can bet on the games while getting the info you need to be ready to do some real NBA betting when the playoffs start. We’ve got the games, all the games, right here at BetNow. 

NBA Betting as Teams Hang On 

“Hang on” is a unique phrase with multiple meanings. In the context of a lot of the teams in the NBA, it means that they’re “hanging on” to one of the lower playoff spots. While you may not go into the playoffs as one of the favorites if you’re the seventh or eighth seed, it’s far, far better than not going into the playoffs at all. After all, you never know what’s going to happen. So, those lower playoff seeds are, quite literally, covered in gold. 

In the West, the Trail Blazers are in 7th, but they’re a game out of ninth. In the East, the Pacers have the opposite problem – they’re in 9th but a game out of 8th. So, when the Blazers play the Pacers on this Tuesday, it’s a very, very big game (between two teams that really don’t play each other all that often.) 

That said, of course, this game is not a playoff game, nor is it an elimination game. The loser of the game won’t be out, nor will the winner move on. But, if you lose this game, it’s absolutely the kind of game you look at in the offseason ruefully (if you don’t make the playoffs). Both teams know that, so they’re going to do absolutely everything they can to win. Who do you have? 

Pre-Playoff Playoff Fights 

You don’t have to be on the bottom of the playoff rung to be in a fight for position. For example, as of this writing, the Bucks are 3.5 games out of the best record in the East, and 2.5 games out of the 2nd best record. That’s the kind of thing that may not mean a lot in the first round, but it sure can mean a lot later on in the East playoffs, as it comes to who is playing at home and who’s on the road. So, the Bucks obviously want to keep winning, too. 

That said, the 8th place team that the aforementioned Pacers are a game behind are the Hornets. The Hornets host the Bucks in what should be a good game. Are the Bucks the better team on paper? Probably. Does that matter? Maybe. After all, if you see yourself as a potential champion, and you’re trying to assume a championship form, you have to get used to playing teams that are going to be giving you absolutely everything that they’ve got. The Bucks, should they lose this game, are in no danger of missing the playoffs. But, winning it can show they’ve got the kind of killer instinct that can prove invaluable very soon. 

NBA Betting Website: All the Games 

NBA Betting Website: At BetNow, we offer all of the games. In these articles about the NBA, we tend to mention the big games, the ones between teams that may play for the championship, that are right in there battling for playoff positioning. Those are big games, sure, but they’re far from the only games that are happening. 

Speaking of, on this Tuesday, we’ve got a game between the two teams with the worst records (as of this writing) in the NBA. Minnesota goes to Houston to play the Rockets. This may not seem like a big game, but we know how important this game is to the fans who truly care. They deserve to have a chance to bet on (or against) their team, all season long. You can bet all NBA season long and beyond here at BetNow!