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NBA Betting Tips After Cinco de Mayo

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA Betting tips

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! Here at BetNow, we celebrated how we always celebrate – with betting. Specifically, 2021 NBA betting tips. Sure, there was plenty of other betting on other sports as well, as ever. Baseball, hockey, some lower level college football, and so, so much more – but, this is early May, that special time of year when someone’s thoughts turn to the NBA playoffs. We’ve got plenty of games just over the horizon that is going to go a long way towards determining exactly how those playoffs are going to play out.

NBA Betting Tips Potential Playoff Matchups 

Brooklyn and Dallas. That’s two separate cultures right there. It’s almost two different worlds. Yet, it’s not an impossible NBA Finals pairing. Those are the two teams that could play for it all in a few weeks. Sure, the Nets are a higher seed as of now, but the Mavs sure look like they could go into the playoffs, potentially with a full head of steam. This game certainly won’t determine anything, but it could certainly help with momentum, as these two teams barrel towards the playoffs. 

Speaking of barreling towards, we’ve got another potential playoff matchup today, it’s just one that would happen before the playoffs. Indiana and Atlanta, the Pacers and the Hawks – this would be a high-flying playoff series to say the very least. No one is assured anything in the NBA, of course, so this game could go a long way towards setting up who’s in a better position as the playoffs roll around. Who do you got? 

Essentially Playoff Games in Early May 

The above are potential playoff matchups between teams that are, barring some kind of catastrophe, going to the 2021 NBA playoffs. Those games have an intensity all their own, they’re different from other games. Then, there are games between teams that are fighting for playoff spots, fighting for their very seasons. These games have another kind of desperation. 

A great example of a game like this is the one that’s going to occur between the Wizards and the Raptors. As of this writing, the Raptors are five and a half games back of a playoff position. The Wizards are two games back. “Now or never” is something of a sports cliche. But, here, in this case, in this game, it’s very justified. 

There’s no such thing as an “Elimination Game” during the regular season. After all, there are so many games, so many variables, that everything which occurs over the course of a season eventually adds up to the sum of a team’s season. But, this game very well could be an elimination game. The team that wins it won’t be in the playoffs, certainly not automatically. Indeed, they stand a pretty good chance of not getting in, in fact. 

That said, the team that loses is going to be in much, much worse position. They very well could kiss their playoff chances goodbye (particularly if the team that loses is the Raptors). Sure, they had that championship just a few years ago, but the years are starting to add up on that. Who do you think is going to win this quasi-elimination game? 

Eternal Rivals 

There are some games where the records get thrown out of the window. As rivals, the two teams play all of the time, they know each other so well, etc. These games may be between teams that are going to the playoffs, in the playoffs, or completely out of the playoffs – the games are the same. 

One such game occurs today, with the rivalry between the Lakers and the Clippers coming together once again. The idea of a “rivalry” between these two teams, when the Lakers are (yet again) defending champions may seem ridiculous, but it’s not. These two teams are quite evenly matched, as the standings show you. Yes, the Lakers have some injuries right now. But this is always a big game. There’s always more big games at the leading sports betting website, BetNow.