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NBA Betting the Playoffs at BetNow

NBA Betting the Playoffs: Here at BetNow, we’ve got all the NBA betting you could ever want. From the start of the regular season all the way through the Finals, you’ll find all of the games and bets you could want right at our site. That means that we absolutely have every game of the NBA playoffs, of course. Additionally, it means that you can bet on these games exactly as you would want. That means betting on who’s going to win, of course. But, it also means betting on who wins the first half, the second half, the second quarter, the first quarter, the third quarter, and so much more. If there’s a way to bet it, you can bet it at BetNow. 

NBA Betting the Playoffs: Hawks and Sixers 

The Sixers needed a win. There was no doubt of that. Going down two to zero and then heading to the other team’s gym is not a recipe for success. The Sixers found a way. Game 2 was a wild one. It went back and forth. Every time it seemed like the Sixers would open up a big lead, the Hawks would find a way to shoot themselves right back into it. Of course, in the end, the Sixers were able to open a lead that the Hawks couldn’t catch up to, winning 118-102. 

Now that the series is going back to Atlanta, how do you feel about this? Was the Sixers win in Game 2 really just them (as well as, of course, Joel Embiid) taking control? Or, was that a mirage, and the way this series is actually going to go was determined entirely by Game 1, where Trae Young could more or less do what he wanted? How do you see this series going? 

As of right now, our handicappers see this series almost as close as it could be. That means we’ve got the Sixers as a one point favorite on the road. As you might imagine, that’s not a ringing endorsement for the Sixers running away with this thing. We also have the over/under at 224.5, so this is going to be a high scoring game that could go either way. What do you think? 

Suns and Nuggets 

The Phoenix Suns are on a roll. It may sound like the worst pun, but the Suns are red hot. That said, it’s hard to say it another way. They’ve won five in a row, they’ve got a two games to none lead, and they’re coming off of a game where they won by 25. Since they held serve, it’s incumbent upon Denver to do the same. With the series going back to the Rocky Mountains, the Nuggets have to win and they have to win now to have a real chance to get past the Suns. That’s going to be quite difficult, however. 

What do you see happening in Game 3? Is this the game where the MVP takes control, overshadowing Chris Paul and getting the Nuggets right back into it? Or, is this the game where even the last hater has to go: “wow, the Suns really are for real?” How do you see it playing out? 

Our handicappers say that the Nuggets are going to pull this out… barely. We’ve got the Nuggets as a 1.5 point favorite. We also see it as a high scoring affair yet again, with an over/under of 223 points. But, again, in a game with this much scoring, this much firepower, a 1.5 point line is not that much indeed. These great NBA games between the best players really are close, and they could go one way or the other. No matter what happens, you can bet on NBA Playoffs all at BetNow!