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NBA Betting on Big Games East and West

NBA Betting on Big Games: The NBA regular season powers along. There’s no brakes on this train of any kind. It’s going to keep barreling along until we have the teams that are going to play in the playoffs. That said, now is the time to jockey for position. Now is the time to try and beat out the teams ahead of you so that you can get home court (or, alternatively, so that you can ensure that your team will be playing in the playoffs in a few weeks). There are big games in both conferences on this Friday, with playoff consequences everywhere. As ever, the best NBA betting is at BetNow. 

NBA Betting on Big Games of the West 

The Golden State Warriors, as of now, would not make the playoffs. That’s really something, especially if you go back just a few years to how great that team was. But, it’s true – as of this writing, if the playoffs were to somehow start, the Warriors are a game behind the Grizz. That said, the playoffs aren’t going to magically start. There’s plenty of basketball between now and then. So, the Warriors do have a chance. 

Of course, to take advantage of that chance, they’d better beat teams like the Nuggets. The Nuggets are having a fine season. More or less ensconced in 4th place, they’re most likely going to host the first round of the playoffs. So, this is a tall order for the Warriors, but, when you’re out of the playoffs in late April, they’re all tall orders. 

Elsewhere in the West 

A very similar game will be taking place in other parts of the West on this day. The Grizzlies, just one game ahead of the Warriors for that all important 8th playoff spot are playing Portland. Portal is also having a very good season. Right now, they’re in 6th place, but they’re about two and a half games up from being on the fringe of the playoffs. Good position? Yes. An absolutely safe one? No. 

If they want to keep that spot, they have to beat the Grizz. Of course, you can say the same about the rizz as well. There are very few regular season games that, for all intents and purposes, really will have a bit of the intensity of a playoff game. This very well could be one of them. The reason for that is simple: both of these teams are going to be playing for their seasons. Should be a great one. Who do you get? 

NBA Betting on Big Games: In the East 

In the first round of the playoffs in basketball, it’s rare that the fifth seeded team plays the seventh seeded one, to put it lightly. However, that’s exactly the game that’s going to take place this Friday as the Heat play the Hawks. This is an unique matchup for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that they’re so close in the standings. The Heat are only a game behind the Hawks and the Celtics. The Knicks are just above them, too. That’s all that separates being on the fringe of the playoffs to having a first round series at home. 

Speaking of the Celtics, they’ve got a big game, too. But, they’re playing an absolute contender: Brooklyn. The Nets, technically tied with the Sixers for the best record in the East, are a rough customer, to put it mildly. But, in the 7th spot, the Celtics are in the morass of the rest of the teams in the East that are well on their way to the playoffs. Winning this game for the Celtics could help to show that they aren’t just in the playoffs to be in the playoffs – rather, they’re here to win the whole thing. 

On the subject of “winning the whole thing,” that’s what you can do here at BetNow. You can bet on all of these NBA games, every day from now until the playoffs. Then, when the playoffs start, you can bet all of those, too. Additionally, there’s always plenty of baseball and hockey to bet on as well. Good luck!