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NBA Betting at BetNow – Before, During and Beyond the Playoffs

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NBA Betting

No matter what the NBA playoffs become, you’ll be able to bet on them at BetNow. At our site, you’ll be able to bet on your favorite NBA games, no matter what form they might take. We’re writing this because, like many of you, we were struck by the news that the NBA is seriously considering changing their playoff format. This new format would be a dramatic change, but could be pretty cool as well. There are some downsides which might not be readily apparent until a few years have gone by. As ever, should the league change or should it stay the same, you can get your NBA betting at BetNow

NBA Betting at BetNow on the Proposed New Playoffs

One of the better ideas that the league has for the new playoffs would be a “play-in” tournament for teams just on the outside. This would be similar to how the NCAA March Madness currently does the 16th seeds, to see who’s going to play the number one seeds. Everything else would stay the same with the playoffs for now (more on that in a moment) but what would change are the seven and eight seeds in each conference. They wouldn’t be guaranteed. They’d have to play their way in. 

Who would they play against? Well, each other, more or less. The idea would be that the seven seed would play the eight seed, and the winner would get the eight seed. What would be a dramatic change is that the nine and ten seeds (currently out of the playoffs) would play each other as well. The winner of the nine and ten game would play the loser of the seven and eight game. The winner of the seven and eight game would get the seventh seed. 

The loser, however, would play the winner of the nine and ten game for the eighth seed. This can do a lot of things: it can keep teams from tanking. Teams that may be mired in the ninth and tenth spots won’t have their season over in February. By that same token, it won’t allow teams in the seven or eight seed to be able to essentially coast for the second half of the season, should they be up by a lot. These “play in” tournaments can add a lot to a postseason (look what they’ve done for baseball). 

The Final Four: Reseeding

Across the sport and the world, everyone wants to see the best teams play each other. This has been true basically since the league started. There are many factors that can keep that from happening, however, not the least of which is geography. Sometimes, the best teams are all in one conference, and they have to play each other, meaning that a mighty team from a great conference will play a weaker champion from an inferior conference. This new method seeks to keep that from happening. 

Basically, the idea is as before, the teams play the first three rounds, through the Conference Finals, till we get down to four teams. That’s where the change would occur. Now, instead of having the two teams from West play the two teams from the East, instead, they would reseed. That means that the best team would play the weakest one, and the second best team would play the third best team. This would be regardless of conference or geographic location. 

So, you absolutely could have a conference final of Boston at Golden State. You could have Philadelphia hosting the Lakers. Toronto playing at the Clippers for the right to go to the Finals. It may sound a little weird, but there’d be big bucks behind it. It seems like this one is also likely to happen, which would incentivize the better teams to play harder throughout the season. Now, instead of just being well ahead of your conference by the midpoint, you’d have to keep an eye on what the other conference leader is doing, too. Really, many of these changes seem designed to bolster competition. 

As the NBA Changes, BetNow Keeps Up

No matter what the NBA decides to do, you’ll be able to stay on top of it at BetNow. Here, at our site, you’ll be able to bet on the games no matter what changes occur. Our site is designed to respond to the NBA’s changes, as they go from one playoff platform to the next. When these changes occur (or if none do) you’ll still be able to find the money lines at our site. You’ll get the best NBA odds, point spreads, futures bets and more. Wherever the NBA is played, and in any format that it’s played in, you’ll be able to do NBA Betting at BetNow.